May 7, 2016

Moving up and away...

This has been a favorite convo starter for the past weeks and it goes with staying stuck. The latter part is easy. You get to be on your comfort zone but for some time, the challenge comes when you realize there is no growth left anymore. Challenge in a way that makes people not appreciate what they have but doesn’t realize it.  They are focused on something more that appreciation slips often times. People tend to reach for other motivation and decide to look for something more and that is a good thing right?

I know, I know… the logic is a bit messed up and this is just the reality of it. My life has been on this and it is a streak I cannot get over with. Overthinkers tend to confuse themselves with what is here and what will become in the future.

I live by this. In a way, it helps me focus. Whatever it is that life decides to throw my way, I try to live by it and more often than not, I truly let the future decide.

Although there are some missed spots like when I tell myself that “I didn’t ask for this” and it shows on what I say and think and most often I become that “ungrateful bitch” and I say this basing on the words of wisdom from people I often spend time with,when they patiently hear me whine and see my uhog flow like a river but the other side of what they say, like people seeing something in me which I often push at the back of my mind, me being the “breaker of things” have something of a potential with which puts more pressure and affects my how I see things in perspective.

I should have faith in me more.