Jan 9, 2016

The Week in Summary 02

Second week of January, page 9 of 366.
Started with selfies kasama ang little princess sa office.

January 5
(excuse the poorly lit set) :)
with Darla and Sophia.

PRINCESS ng office

Same day, during an interview. With Kuya Noel aka "Budz".

A pizza as big as my face. 

January 8
After the morning show, we (the hosts, Darla and the night patrol reporter usually go out for breakfast.

With Dotty (host), Darla (my co-segment producer), sir Felix our director, Carmela the reporter, Mica our host/reporter and me. :)

January 8 (afternoon)

We and the crew went to Itogon, Benguet for a segment about hot springs and steam bath.

The crew.

Since I am already on my 6th month with the company, we all took a groufie inside the crew cab.:)

on our way back to the office.
And then came this. 
I am just trying to live life a bit. My new favorite app, musical.ly
Teehee. Anyway, have a great weekend. :)

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