Nov 22, 2015

Of Triggers and Kali

A good couple of weeks ago, I made a short segment about sir Michael Bugnosen. He is a self defense instructor focusing mainly on Filipino Kali technique and handling of fire arms. Due to the lack of footage, I would still want to share a few things I learned about Kali.

Filipino Kali, it is a traditional martial arts from the Philippines and it's becoming popular not just in the country but in foreign ones too. According to some researches done, this is a good technique for self defense especially that you can use ordinary things that we use everyday such as cellphones or ball pens. I got the opportunity to interview sir Micheael Bugnosen, a Kali trainer and I get to see the techniques and moves used. For most parts, the moves was quite familiar and on the latter part of my interview, I did found out that a Cordilleran dance was incorporated. They often use the Karambit, a kind of knife usually used by farmers to cut palay. It is double-sided blade and with the help of the round handle, it's easy to get a grip.
Aside from Filipino Kali, gun, which is what's mostly used in some countries for self defense, was also part of the training.Sir Tony from California is a gun enthusiast and was here for pleasure and took the time to teach us safety tips before using a gun. He is a professional musician by the way and he also learned a few Kali moves. 
After the interview, I was asked to try it and here are a few of my behind the scenes.

I kinda look bad-ass here but I was trembling on the inside. I did like 4 shots, 3 missed and one inside the target (not bad for a first). I could have done better if it wasn't a pistol, too big for my hands. The feeling was exhilarating though. 

This was done at Westpoint Shooting Range in Tuba, Benguet. The use of the facility is free, you just need to pay for the bullets used which is 18 pesos per piece. I would want to learn more both on how to use a gun and the Filipino Kali. I think it is about time considering the world that we live in.