Nov 20, 2015

Friday's 10 Happy Things

Ditz Revolution

1. This 10 Happy Things Button. No need to get fancy with pictures, no ma'am, got no luxury time for that.

2. Grey's Antomy S12. Hooked.

3. Got to meet sir Joel Cruz "The Lord of Scents".

4. Tamarind bombs. I have been craving and I seldom get to buy and eat 20 pieces all in one seating.

5. Zero by Chris Brown.

6. My Elyu travel just to interview a farmer. An hour of travel from outside Baguio is enough to help clear the mind.

7. 6 hours of sleep.

8. H2o therapy. No, not 8 glasses but getting there.

9. My easy transition from pissed-off to game on face.

10. Adele's Hello.