Nov 23, 2015

Dear Planner...

2016 is fast approaching. I have plans, lots of plans especially when it comes to sorting my priorities, thoughts and issues.

The last time I owned a planner was 3 or 4 years ago. It was a gift given by one of my close friends, Lorie. It was given around February but I only got to use it almost half of the year. I was a student back then so it mostly contains reminders from school, home works and some mommy duties. It wasn't really that helpful because back then, I thought owning a tablet is better. Why? Here are a few of my acceptable-before-but-a-little-lame- reason now that I am of age to think so...
First - My handwriting is okay but I don't know, I was expecting more on like caligraphy-ish because I find it more appealing and artistic. I was thinking that the effort that I put in designing my entries back then makes my entries more doable. I ended up skipping weeks of entries which made it less useful. Second - I was never satisfied with how I make use of it so it wasn't really a planner but was used mainly as a plain old notebook. Thirdly - I keep forgetting all my jotted notes because I keep forgetting to bring it, it gets dusty after some time. For those reasons, a tablet I thought was more reasonable since it has auto-reminder with cute fonts (hehe, the kid that I was). After 2 years of owning a tablet, it did not fail me because it did the job that I want.

Fast forward to year 2015, 5 months after I got hired as a segment producer, change of heart nanaman ito. Although I still have my ipad and there are some apps that cute enough for planners, i wanted to go back to basics for next year although this time, it has to contain inspirational quotations to help me get by every time I feel stressed. It has a dual purpose, it should help me prioritize and remind at the same time, it should be my motivation

Here are some planners which I think would be awesome to own next year, will help me keep pushing til the year end.





This are all combinations of things that I wanted on a planner. If this will all be rolled into one, I'm the happiest. For more info on each of this planners or journals, you can check it here with some other choices.