Aug 29, 2015


Yes I am still here and still planning to keep this blog active. My gosh. Life has been that busy lately. Right at this moment, I am a bit surprised that instead of scripts, here I am, updating my blog when it feels like it has been years ago since my last post. 

As mentioned before, I started working full time again. Took me two months to know the ropes of the operation. My work as a segment producer for a morning show has been my main focus for almost eight weeks, now that I am a bit familiar, I can now comfortably go back to being a mom (seriously) and some other stuff like blogging and teaching part time. 

Despite the pressure and stress that I am getting from my current job, I feel proud and happy after all, this is my first 'real' job which suites my chosen course na pinaghirapan ko ng four years. 

I am not stopping here though because as soon as I can squeeze in a few hours of my time, I am planning to take up a short course for web design. You'll know when I am done as soon as I get this blog revamped. I won't give up blogging you know. 

Now for the next days to come, I will be cleaning up my phone because it has like a gazillion pictures from 2 months ago and these are mostly pictures taken from some of my segments. I know that most doesn't have the time to watch in the morning, probably too busy or just doesn't feel like it so I decided to make separate posts from those segments and blog about it instead. 

This is it for this post, will start working on my blog posts and segments for the second week of this month. Wish me luck! kBye.