Jun 30, 2015

Why I Prefer Traditional Education Over Montessori for My Child

Ever since I can remember, the only type of school that I know of is private and public. It was only recently when  I got interested in learning about which type of school is suitable for my kid. For 3 years, my child studied at a public school, from preschool to grade one. My mom is a grade 5 elementary school teacher and the school where she's teaching is where my daughter also went to. Despite it being a public school, I can say that my daughter still is being monitored thanks to mom but it was just not enough.

Upon choosing my my daughter's school, there were a lot of things to consider like the location which should be near our place as much as possible. Next is the 10:1 student-teacher ratio (this is very important for me),the tuition should be depending on our budget and some other minor things such as the school's curriculum etc.

A couple days ago, my sister and I were talking about Pia's new school. I told her that Pia seems happy although I know it is too early to tell. I told her about perks of enrolling Pia to a private school, mom told her that if Pia was able to adjust well, they might also move my niece to the same school as Pia's. I told my sister that it would be great if that happens rather than moving her to the Montessori school mom mentioned before. When the sister told me that Montessori schools are better and more expensive, that's when I did some research.

In a nutshell, Montessori schools allows the children to learn at their own pace and follow their own interest. Children are self taught and with mixed age group. With those the mentioned, traditional education is just the opposite.

I have been raised and schooled at a traditional education set up. I did try both private and public and so are my sisters and my cousins. No one in our family and relatives tried going to a Montessori maybe because it is still uncommon during our time (gosh I am old!).

The idea of self study for my daughter is a good training. My daughter loves to draw and I would want her to enhance that skill but so is learning her subjects which traditional education offers. Also, if a parent decides to move her child from Montessori to traditional school, will the child be able to cope? Being a mom, you get to have a lot of time observing my child's capabilities and weaknesses. She works well with smaller class size, she does love to learn but she easily loses interest and gets easily intimidated with older kids. I want her to work well with other kids her age just like I did with traditional schools.

Although I like the idea of Montessori's education flow and I think it very suitable for preschool kids, traditional is better for me. Here in the country, one thing that matters to most parents is whether they can afford to send their kids at a private school. Whether it is an academy or Montessori or traditional private school, it just comprises maybe 20-30% of the total decision of a parent.

I think all types of school are great, parents just have to know their child and know what suits well for them.
Pia with cousin Gefi and mudrabels on the background