Jun 26, 2015

On Requirements, Waiting and Such

I love job hunting and hoping on landing the job but when it comes to processing requirements, I totally find it a bit of a hassle. Imagine the long queue on several government offices such as SSS and PhilHealth to have some papers processed and the challenge there is not actually about the processing but the waiting part. The balik ka na lang mamaya mga pagkatapos ng isang oras the second time around is what ticks me off.


See, I am about to start a full time job in less than two weeks and to tell you the truth, I have been processing some requirements for almost a month now. I like that some documents/ requirements can be processed online now like the NBI clearance. In all fairness, I was able to process it in just 2 days. I did a little bit of waiting though because the computer froze while I was doing the bio metrics so they had to contact some people in Manila, average waiting was supposedly 15 minutes but I had to wait for a good 2 hours for it to be fixed. I also had to wait for 15 minutes at the bank for the payment of my clearance which compared to before, the payment was done at their office. I find it okay, I do not mind paying additional 40 pesos so long as I get to have it 2 days least. You can follow this process if you want to apply for your NBI clearance which I think is what the office prefer.

As for the rest of the requirements, like my transcript for example, the waiting time is two weeks. My fault yes, I heard that from several professors when they saw me processing it five months after graduation.

I actually did complete all the requirements a week ago but just today, I received another text from HR asking me to submit 3 other requirements again taken from government offices. I still have a few days to submit and I am really hoping that the need for long waits is not that necessary anymore.