Jun 20, 2015

On Good Schools and Being Grateful

Before this year, struggling financially is typical for a graduating student. I completely remember telling my sibling na dadaan ka muna sa butas ng karayum bago mo makita ang pangalan mo sa tentative & final graduating list. I remember being furious because I just paid 3k tapos after 3 days we have to pay something again kyeme sa isang subject or para sa graduation. They would have made a list for those para hindi hassle.

Anyway, I got through that thankfully. Fast forward to 6 months after graduation, I patiently floated resumes hoping to land a job related to my course. With good luck and long patience and perseverance *char*, in two weeks, I have a job waiting for me but  will leave you hanging for now because this post is not about that. ;)

This post is about another achievement that I consider as a mother. I finally had Pia enrolled at a private school. This was a promise I made, that after I graduate, it is my daughter's turn to go to a good school. Well not that her previous school is bad, it's just that my daughter needs extra push when it comes to her studies and having to go to a school with 30+ students per class won't help her enough. As for my guidance for her schooling, I can't give my hundred percent considering that I have to work and it just feels like she needs more than what I can provide as per time.

So it has been two weeks and my daughter is enjoying her new school. It is a Christian academy and that is what I really liked about it aside from the school having a manageable class size. My daughter only has 7 classmates, 8 in total for grade two which is just awesome. They had their first homework this week and my daughter brought her book home. It was a Christian book and they were asked to read a story about Adam and Eve and had to answer some questions about it. I just wanted to share this because after returning the book to her teacher, my daughter told me that night to buy her the same book because she wanted to read the stories about the bible and Jesus. This made me feel good about our decision in moving her to a private school despite the expensive tuition which was of course expected.

Me and D did thought this through even before Pia started going to school but did not push through then because I was also a student that time and money wise just won't fit. Now that me and D made it happen, the money that we pay for her schooling is more fulfilling than the material stuff that used to be where my salary goes to.

I have been a mother for 7 years now and as I grow older, I am starting to realize the things that my daughter mostly needs and a having a good relationship with God is on top of my list and a good education is next to it. I am grateful because I get to have both for my daughter at this school so yes, a happy and grateful mom here.

Her first day of class 2 weeks ago.