Jun 22, 2015

Music Monday #10: Colours

Today, I was thinking about how to get by with  the 'Monday blues' which in most cases, cannot be helped no matter how prepared someone is. For moms who has to do a lot in 2 hours every morning like prepare baon for my kid, bathe her, feed her (and with some nagging on the side for her to finish her food in 30 minutes) and then after that, my time to prepare and make sure to be on time for my daughter's 8:30 class.

Considering the scenario of road constructions happening everywhere in the city, beating the traffic jam is one hell of a challenge.

I was considering sharing a list of things that help me get by Monday but opted for this meme instead because anyway, music always helps when it comes to helping me soothe my nerves during stressful times of the day.

Song Title: Colours
Artist: GroupLove

The original song is much slower than this, I like this better when I heard it on 8tracks. I am liking the beats/electronic remixes recently. I get to concentrate more on whatever I am doing without having to belt out some songs randomly played which I often do with pop songs. With this genre, I get to head bang while typing or cleaning or whatever.

Well hope you enjoyed this one! Enjoy the rest of your Monday!

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