Jun 23, 2015

Insidious Chapter 3, a Review (sort of)

The movie got me like:

Well maybe just a little bit but it did at some point haha! I am a bit picky when it comes horror movies, ayaw ng kurni and these movie installments were nothing near baduy that is why it got me hooked. The first and third installment really scared the crap out of me, the kind where it is not going to give me nightmares like what the first Paranormal Activity did. I feel bad not being able to watch it on the big screen (priorities) but the comfortable couch was a give away so 24" screen is workable.

I liked that Elise Rainier is back once again (she kinda reminds me of grahma), her gift/ ability is not something I would not want to have like ever though. This installment did shed some light on some scenes from the first two. No spoiler coming from me so for fans who haven't seen it yet because life just gets you, this movie will help you forget some real life horror story gaya na lang ng kalagayan ng gobyerno ng 'pinas at pag gusto makalimot saglit sa pagtakbo ni Binay, go na, watch mo na toh.

Also, before I forget, a line from Elise that sticked na ikinarelate ko, "Love is just delayed pain." We all die and the person who was left behind has to suffer all the pain. Not gonna dwell on this much but I totally agree with Elise.

Although the ending of the movie did not give clues for a fourth installment, I am hoping. :)