Jun 24, 2015

Ciudad Elmina, Fishing Village

A lot of firsts happened to me this year, as I keep saying I am always grateful. The start of the year has been great and I intend to keep this streak till the end of the year for a more positive 2016.

So a couple of weeks ago, we celebrated papa's birthday differently. See, me and my family usually do the usual birthday celebration, kain sa labas, rent ng movie, movie marathon hanggang mag-uumaga. This year was totally different except yung kain sa labas part. As per usual fast food, we decided to go to another city para mas intense.

First stop, a short visit to Manaoag church. It has been a while since my parents visited this church so we did a little bit of a tour and selfies for sns purposes. Hours after, we were supposed to travel a bit to a restaurant googled by the sister which was supposed to be near the church. We ended travelling further because google maps gave the wrong calculation on how far the place was, we ended up in Dagupan City. My father, being the most ma 'PR' person sa family asked a restaurant recommendation to the driver of the van. The planned restaurant where we intended to have lunch was further than we expected so the driver recommended a better restau which is also a fishing village. So when the driver dropped us off to this view, we were just in awe.

This is the outside part of the restau. We were ushered inside the main fishing village and the staff was friendly, less accomodating maybe because it was scorching hot that day, nonetheless the service was still great.

the view from where we are seated
The food was good, mostly lutong bahay which is already common in Baguio. I was a bit disappointed though because they do not serve halo-halo which was supposedly expected given the hot weather. They serve smoothies though so good enough.

Of course it's not called a fishing village if we are not allowed to fish. We did try but no luck. Maybe if we started fishing early, we could have caught one. It did require long patience and with the heat mixing in, an hour of trying will already prove that you are one patient person. If you're lucky (and patient), you get to take a kilo of bangus (milkfish) for 180 pesos. There is also a boat which anyone can use for free!

Papa has been fishing for almost an hour here. Mama tried but gave up after 10 minutes.

Oh my gosh, the breeze was just oh so relaxing.

So if you and your family decide to try out something new from outside Baguio City, this place I greatly recommend. Look, a little something something for the kids to enjoy... err look at.:)

All in all, it was great experience. Despite the scorching weather, it was fun all in all especially since it was a first for the whole family to be spontaneous.

goofing around with my kid. :) 

mi familia :)

Thank you so much mamang driver, we owe you one for this marvelous experience kasi if not for you we should not have found this awesome place! :)