Jun 30, 2015

Why I Prefer Traditional Education Over Montessori for My Child

Ever since I can remember, the only type of school that I know of is private and public. It was only recently when  I got interested in learning about which type of school is suitable for my kid. For 3 years, my child studied at a public school, from preschool to grade one. My mom is a grade 5 elementary school teacher and the school where she's teaching is where my daughter also went to. Despite it being a public school, I can say that my daughter still is being monitored thanks to mom but it was just not enough.

Upon choosing my my daughter's school, there were a lot of things to consider like the location which should be near our place as much as possible. Next is the 10:1 student-teacher ratio (this is very important for me),the tuition should be depending on our budget and some other minor things such as the school's curriculum etc.

A couple days ago, my sister and I were talking about Pia's new school. I told her that Pia seems happy although I know it is too early to tell. I told her about perks of enrolling Pia to a private school, mom told her that if Pia was able to adjust well, they might also move my niece to the same school as Pia's. I told my sister that it would be great if that happens rather than moving her to the Montessori school mom mentioned before. When the sister told me that Montessori schools are better and more expensive, that's when I did some research.

In a nutshell, Montessori schools allows the children to learn at their own pace and follow their own interest. Children are self taught and with mixed age group. With those the mentioned, traditional education is just the opposite.

I have been raised and schooled at a traditional education set up. I did try both private and public and so are my sisters and my cousins. No one in our family and relatives tried going to a Montessori maybe because it is still uncommon during our time (gosh I am old!).

The idea of self study for my daughter is a good training. My daughter loves to draw and I would want her to enhance that skill but so is learning her subjects which traditional education offers. Also, if a parent decides to move her child from Montessori to traditional school, will the child be able to cope? Being a mom, you get to have a lot of time observing my child's capabilities and weaknesses. She works well with smaller class size, she does love to learn but she easily loses interest and gets easily intimidated with older kids. I want her to work well with other kids her age just like I did with traditional schools.

Although I like the idea of Montessori's education flow and I think it very suitable for preschool kids, traditional is better for me. Here in the country, one thing that matters to most parents is whether they can afford to send their kids at a private school. Whether it is an academy or Montessori or traditional private school, it just comprises maybe 20-30% of the total decision of a parent.

I think all types of school are great, parents just have to know their child and know what suits well for them.
Pia with cousin Gefi and mudrabels on the background

Jun 29, 2015

Music Monday #11: Till It Hurts

That beat on the chorus part is just dope! Happy Music Monday!


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Jun 28, 2015

The Sunday Currently, Volume 1

C U R R E N TL Y...

The Escape by David Baldacci. I have been into mystery novels lately, sole reason why I am a couple of books ahead for my 2015 reading challenge.

Something about traditional education and Montessori schools for another blog post.

Playlist on 8Tracks entitled 'That Snowboarding Playlist' - the song currently playing is Anna Sun by Walk the Moon.

Sorting schedules for next week. I will be working full time this coming Wednesday and I have to work some things out with my work schedule and mama duties.

Fried fish and buttered rice.

To get my first day of work over and done with.

For a better weather especially in the afternoons.

That I get to make time writing and thinking about posts to publish here.

A back massage and waking up not feeling sore. We need that magical mattress that we saw at a shopping network from Japan.

A hug and some bioflu.

Bloated, red day is coming anytime.

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Jun 26, 2015

On Requirements, Waiting and Such

I love job hunting and hoping on landing the job but when it comes to processing requirements, I totally find it a bit of a hassle. Imagine the long queue on several government offices such as SSS and PhilHealth to have some papers processed and the challenge there is not actually about the processing but the waiting part. The balik ka na lang mamaya mga pagkatapos ng isang oras the second time around is what ticks me off.


See, I am about to start a full time job in less than two weeks and to tell you the truth, I have been processing some requirements for almost a month now. I like that some documents/ requirements can be processed online now like the NBI clearance. In all fairness, I was able to process it in just 2 days. I did a little bit of waiting though because the computer froze while I was doing the bio metrics so they had to contact some people in Manila, average waiting was supposedly 15 minutes but I had to wait for a good 2 hours for it to be fixed. I also had to wait for 15 minutes at the bank for the payment of my clearance which compared to before, the payment was done at their office. I find it okay, I do not mind paying additional 40 pesos so long as I get to have it 2 days least. You can follow this process if you want to apply for your NBI clearance which I think is what the office prefer.

As for the rest of the requirements, like my transcript for example, the waiting time is two weeks. My fault yes, I heard that from several professors when they saw me processing it five months after graduation.

I actually did complete all the requirements a week ago but just today, I received another text from HR asking me to submit 3 other requirements again taken from government offices. I still have a few days to submit and I am really hoping that the need for long waits is not that necessary anymore.

Jun 24, 2015

Ciudad Elmina, Fishing Village

A lot of firsts happened to me this year, as I keep saying I am always grateful. The start of the year has been great and I intend to keep this streak till the end of the year for a more positive 2016.

So a couple of weeks ago, we celebrated papa's birthday differently. See, me and my family usually do the usual birthday celebration, kain sa labas, rent ng movie, movie marathon hanggang mag-uumaga. This year was totally different except yung kain sa labas part. As per usual fast food, we decided to go to another city para mas intense.

First stop, a short visit to Manaoag church. It has been a while since my parents visited this church so we did a little bit of a tour and selfies for sns purposes. Hours after, we were supposed to travel a bit to a restaurant googled by the sister which was supposed to be near the church. We ended travelling further because google maps gave the wrong calculation on how far the place was, we ended up in Dagupan City. My father, being the most ma 'PR' person sa family asked a restaurant recommendation to the driver of the van. The planned restaurant where we intended to have lunch was further than we expected so the driver recommended a better restau which is also a fishing village. So when the driver dropped us off to this view, we were just in awe.

This is the outside part of the restau. We were ushered inside the main fishing village and the staff was friendly, less accomodating maybe because it was scorching hot that day, nonetheless the service was still great.

the view from where we are seated
The food was good, mostly lutong bahay which is already common in Baguio. I was a bit disappointed though because they do not serve halo-halo which was supposedly expected given the hot weather. They serve smoothies though so good enough.

Of course it's not called a fishing village if we are not allowed to fish. We did try but no luck. Maybe if we started fishing early, we could have caught one. It did require long patience and with the heat mixing in, an hour of trying will already prove that you are one patient person. If you're lucky (and patient), you get to take a kilo of bangus (milkfish) for 180 pesos. There is also a boat which anyone can use for free!

Papa has been fishing for almost an hour here. Mama tried but gave up after 10 minutes.

Oh my gosh, the breeze was just oh so relaxing.

So if you and your family decide to try out something new from outside Baguio City, this place I greatly recommend. Look, a little something something for the kids to enjoy... err look at.:)

All in all, it was great experience. Despite the scorching weather, it was fun all in all especially since it was a first for the whole family to be spontaneous.

goofing around with my kid. :) 

mi familia :)

Thank you so much mamang driver, we owe you one for this marvelous experience kasi if not for you we should not have found this awesome place! :)

Jun 23, 2015

Insidious Chapter 3, a Review (sort of)

The movie got me like:

Well maybe just a little bit but it did at some point haha! I am a bit picky when it comes horror movies, ayaw ng kurni and these movie installments were nothing near baduy that is why it got me hooked. The first and third installment really scared the crap out of me, the kind where it is not going to give me nightmares like what the first Paranormal Activity did. I feel bad not being able to watch it on the big screen (priorities) but the comfortable couch was a give away so 24" screen is workable.

I liked that Elise Rainier is back once again (she kinda reminds me of grahma), her gift/ ability is not something I would not want to have like ever though. This installment did shed some light on some scenes from the first two. No spoiler coming from me so for fans who haven't seen it yet because life just gets you, this movie will help you forget some real life horror story gaya na lang ng kalagayan ng gobyerno ng 'pinas at pag gusto makalimot saglit sa pagtakbo ni Binay, go na, watch mo na toh.

Also, before I forget, a line from Elise that sticked na ikinarelate ko, "Love is just delayed pain." We all die and the person who was left behind has to suffer all the pain. Not gonna dwell on this much but I totally agree with Elise.

Although the ending of the movie did not give clues for a fourth installment, I am hoping. :)

Jun 22, 2015

Music Monday #10: Colours

Today, I was thinking about how to get by with  the 'Monday blues' which in most cases, cannot be helped no matter how prepared someone is. For moms who has to do a lot in 2 hours every morning like prepare baon for my kid, bathe her, feed her (and with some nagging on the side for her to finish her food in 30 minutes) and then after that, my time to prepare and make sure to be on time for my daughter's 8:30 class.

Considering the scenario of road constructions happening everywhere in the city, beating the traffic jam is one hell of a challenge.

I was considering sharing a list of things that help me get by Monday but opted for this meme instead because anyway, music always helps when it comes to helping me soothe my nerves during stressful times of the day.

Song Title: Colours
Artist: GroupLove

The original song is much slower than this, I like this better when I heard it on 8tracks. I am liking the beats/electronic remixes recently. I get to concentrate more on whatever I am doing without having to belt out some songs randomly played which I often do with pop songs. With this genre, I get to head bang while typing or cleaning or whatever.

Well hope you enjoyed this one! Enjoy the rest of your Monday!

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Jun 20, 2015

On Good Schools and Being Grateful

Before this year, struggling financially is typical for a graduating student. I completely remember telling my sibling na dadaan ka muna sa butas ng karayum bago mo makita ang pangalan mo sa tentative & final graduating list. I remember being furious because I just paid 3k tapos after 3 days we have to pay something again kyeme sa isang subject or para sa graduation. They would have made a list for those para hindi hassle.

Anyway, I got through that thankfully. Fast forward to 6 months after graduation, I patiently floated resumes hoping to land a job related to my course. With good luck and long patience and perseverance *char*, in two weeks, I have a job waiting for me but  will leave you hanging for now because this post is not about that. ;)

This post is about another achievement that I consider as a mother. I finally had Pia enrolled at a private school. This was a promise I made, that after I graduate, it is my daughter's turn to go to a good school. Well not that her previous school is bad, it's just that my daughter needs extra push when it comes to her studies and having to go to a school with 30+ students per class won't help her enough. As for my guidance for her schooling, I can't give my hundred percent considering that I have to work and it just feels like she needs more than what I can provide as per time.

So it has been two weeks and my daughter is enjoying her new school. It is a Christian academy and that is what I really liked about it aside from the school having a manageable class size. My daughter only has 7 classmates, 8 in total for grade two which is just awesome. They had their first homework this week and my daughter brought her book home. It was a Christian book and they were asked to read a story about Adam and Eve and had to answer some questions about it. I just wanted to share this because after returning the book to her teacher, my daughter told me that night to buy her the same book because she wanted to read the stories about the bible and Jesus. This made me feel good about our decision in moving her to a private school despite the expensive tuition which was of course expected.

Me and D did thought this through even before Pia started going to school but did not push through then because I was also a student that time and money wise just won't fit. Now that me and D made it happen, the money that we pay for her schooling is more fulfilling than the material stuff that used to be where my salary goes to.

I have been a mother for 7 years now and as I grow older, I am starting to realize the things that my daughter mostly needs and a having a good relationship with God is on top of my list and a good education is next to it. I am grateful because I get to have both for my daughter at this school so yes, a happy and grateful mom here.

Her first day of class 2 weeks ago.