May 12, 2015

Side Trip: Manaoag Church

During summer time, having to stay in Baguio is the best thing to do for someone like me who's not a summer person. Yes the city does experience the heat but electric fan and halo-halo is the only thing you need, after all, the warm weather only lasts a couple of hours in a day. Going to the beach excites me yes but it's not a goal I would want to do every summer unlike most people I know.

During the past weeks, my facebook timeline is flooded with people clad in bikinis at the beach. I do envy them but not enough to make me want to save up and go. Not even enough to do that balik alindog program/plan. 

You know, I was thinking that maybe I was some kind of bug that just stays under a rock for most of her life during my past life. I swear, for most of the time when going out is really needed, I have to drag myself up just to prepare. 

So once in a while, if I go to the province or other places for that matter, I think it would be nice to blog about it. 

A good couple of weeks ago, me and pops and the kids and the siblings went to the province, to my papa's hometown. It was the first death anniversary of my aunt and with this includes a mini reunion. We stayed there for 5 days and oh my goodness the heat. Felt like I am being roasted. It did not stop me though from enjoying. The feeling of being roasted was worth it all if my family is having a good time.

After 5 days of lamon hits sa bahay ni lola, it was time for us to head back home. I did miss the cold cold weather plus there were some things that needs to be done asap so our vacation was cut short.

We dropped by Manaoag Church which we always do every time we visit Pangasinan. We might go to Manaoag again this coming weekend for fudra and the older sister's birthday (hopefully). If it does push through, I would take pictures of the interior and exterior part of the church . There were lots of improvement on the exterior that's worth sharing so for the mean time, enjoy the pictures of us being happy and grateful and making wishes on the floating candles.