May 11, 2015

On Brows and Looking Good

Another post just before the sister comes over for beer. It's Monday, give us some slack this early. So last year, around September, I remember so clearly because that was the time I started my TV internship at ABS. That was also the right time (I thought to myself) to be a little more conscious with my looks.

I know the basics in make up but I would not want to have it take most of my time in the morning so I opted to just choose something that I can maintain and needs a little touch up for the rest of the day and the brow was decided.

Me and bunso does not really care about how bushy our eyebrows were. We remember when the older sister was always fussing about her eyebrows. I did try to do something about my eyebrow when I was in high school but I got tired because it was so bushy and all over the place so I gave up. For the rest of my university years, I kept my looks on the down low. Like not putting any kolerete at all, not even lip gloss. My siblings and mom was always bothered about how I look. Was a bit annoyed that it bothers them when all I wanted was to be simple and invisible.

I just decided to change that outlook during my last semester. Got me conscious knowing that I will be working for a few months with reporters and people whom I occasionally see on TV.

A day before the start of my internship, it was a good timing as well because it was payday. Overnight, I changed how I looked. From having hair color, to buying beauty stuff such as bleaching creams, lip glosses and an eyebrow kit. I also bought a few pairs of jeans to change my not so form fitting ones.

It has been months since I started maintaining how I look. It was not like a major major transformation, I just did a few basic touch ups like the one for my eyebrow. I did the honor of taking a picture of my before and after eyebrow look.
If you do have the time to browse through my posts from years ago, I might have posted some pictures of me with my Betty LaFea brows. It was unappealing. I did realize how a good shaped eyebrow can make someone look pretty. It felt that way for me apart from the positive comments I got from people and bunso which I think influenced her to try the Brow Studio's brow design like I did. Every four weeks, I go back to the studio for my brow clean-up.

My brows is the only part of my face that needs spending monthly in order to look good. I do buy other beauty products for the face but it comes in jars and bottles that lasts for 2 months and anyway, clean-up is not that expensive. The part where I need to schedule an appointment and the need to prepare with no other appointment in mind is the one that I consider a nuisance. Aside from the brows, I started making sure to not go out if the hair is not blow dried. I also shampoo every after 2 days and I do take a shower the night before sometimes just to make sure that my hair is soft and manageable the next day. I also started doing the no-heat curls which mom loves because according to her, it looks natural. I also apply lotion every after shower and not just when I go out. I tried drinking 8 glasses of water, making efforts to not just look but feel good as well. 

Lessons learned: looking beautiful is not my goal but instead to look presentable. I do not like to over do and be stared at because of that obviously too much effort before going out. Looking presentable does draw respect from people and it feels nice to feel kyot once in a while.