May 7, 2015

Lots has happened but don't know where to start

My 2014-2015 has been a blast. The thing that I anticipated to happen for a couple of years has finally been achieved. I am no longer a student, finally finished my bachelors degree a couple months back. I consider it the main highlight of my year.

As for my plans after, haven't decided yet. I might take up masterals, another chapter of my life that I want to happen would be to teach at a university concentrating on Radio Broadcasting. I have been floating resumes on some radio stations in the city but no luck so far. I am a very patient person though so yes, willing to wait here, after all, there are at least 10 radio stations for both AM and FM so yahs.

Aside from this, my stint as an online tutor is still active. Helps me get by and provide and I am happy because it pays well as long as I am motivated to teach. 

I tried applying at hotels as well but no luck for me on that (well, I tried on one hotel but the got-no-feedback page did not sit well on me so it might take awhile for me to try again. 

I might have been mia for a couple of months but blogging will always be something that I will be doing so please excuse my being in and out on this space.

So, what am I expecting to write about? Here are some of the things I have set for myself this year.

  1. My travel experiences. This has been a target on my wishboard since last month. Palawan is my first stop. 
  2. Reviews. Book reviews, beauty products maybe and all other stuff that needs reviewing.
  3. All new experiences all included on my bucket list. 
  4. Job hunting tips and and experiences on such.
  5. Rants most probably and a lot of random stuff. 
  6. Inspiring stuff.
  7. New Hobbies to try.
  8. .....
Short list for now but will be coming up with lots more in time. Now let me go gather my thoughts and come up with interesting things to blog, who knows, maybe in the next few minutes.