May 8, 2015

Fondant Cake by Divine Sweet Delights

My daughter celebrated her 7th birthday last month and from what I have heard, this age should be extra special. With that, I decided to spend a little bit more on the cake. Usually, in every occassion for that matter, we buy cake on the day of the celebration at either Red Ribbon or Goldilocks. These two are the most popular go-to for cakes in the Philippines. Here in the city alone, there are a couple of bakeshops which makes pre-made cakes like Sunshine Bakeshop or Tea House and they do serve quality cakes but the designs are limited.

I did try choosing a design from one mentioned bakeshop and on the picture, it shows a fondant cake. We had it ordered 2 weeks in advance as per their rule. Imagine my disappoinment when it arrived, instead of fondant, it was an icing cake. I never ordered from them after that.

This time,I relied on google on where I can find a good fondant cake maker. Mama suggested a cake maker who made a fondant cake for my niece but the location of the bakeshop is a bit far from where I live so I relied on my research. Amazingly, I did find the facebook page of ate Divine. The designs are so cute, it made me so excited.

Me and my daughter made plans for the design and it turned out pretty cute and elegant at the same time. Ate Divine was very accomodating and she also gave suggestions on how to make the cake cute-errr.

It's a chocolate cake, a bit moist. It is fondant so it is super sweet but the chocolate I think compliments the sweetness. I also ordered seven cute cupcakes and that is with additional charge.

Everyone loved it including Papa who is not that fond of cakes. 

Pia loved it most especially! If you want to order with your choice of design, just send a message on facebook to ate Divine, search for DivineSweetDelights.