Jul 28, 2014

supplements that helped me quit smoking

It has been almost 5 months since I quit smoking. I was a chain smoker, finishing one pack like it was my last. I remember those days when I'm stressed and the only thing that helps me calm my nerves are a couple sticks of cigarettes and instant coffee. If I think about it now, it does have that calming effect but the truth is, I have smoked too much (like 3-5 sticks consecutively) and then I would feel tired and sleepy, my stress then is being diverted. I did quit before and succeeded for two months, after that, i'd go at it again. This time though, it's permanent.

I know, 5 months is not enough but I have to stay positive about this. I would want to quit permanently. And this food supplements from Amway did help me in a way.

When I first saw the brochure, I immediately wanted to know more because it is organic. As I mentioned before on my previous post, anything organic, I would want to try. Vitamin C and B Complex is a common food supplement, I mean a must for most people. I have been using Vitamin C eversince. I tried B complex because according to the brochure and quote:

"Nutrilite Natural B Complex provides seven B vitamins from all-natural sources that help support energy production and meet nutritional needs brought on by stressful living. Especially important if you’re older, a vegetarian, a smoker, an alcoholic drinker, or if you demand a lot from your body."

I was a smoker and I thought that taking this while smoking is good, evens out the fact that I am slowly killing myself but with this supplement, I get more life in addition. Turns out, it did more that that, it helped me quit smoking. I don't know how, maybe just a coincidence or that maybe, my body just decided not to (if that is even possible), but the thing is, I did not have to go through a lot to quit this vice. I do think that this supplemnts did the trick because I never wanted to smoke, really, after taking this supplement daily. Even the smell of cigarrette makes me want to vomit (like I was pregnant or something which I'm not of course).

Most probably, I would still have ordered this bottle of supplement because I often abuse my body by not taking all the necessary supplements because I have the tendency to skip meals even if I am not busy. If you can see my figure now, I look like an elementary student rather than a fourth year college. O.A. as it may sound, it did feel like it because I was anemic, sickly and I get tired easily. I did feel lethargic during the first month of using this but I would prefer that feeling rather than feeling nauseous and dizzy becauce of smoking too much. That was only during my first month though, anyway, I do experience this side effect on all medications, supplements or prescribed meds.

 I do still take this supplements and will still in the future because aside from helping me quit smoking, it also helped me reduce hair fall. There are other supplements of Amway that I would want to try like the the Lecithin-E with Honey because my skin looks dry and uhm ugly. I will, as soon as I have enough money to buy a bottle because I can't buy this per piece and one bottle is expensive but would last for months depending on how many tablets/capsules required to take per day.

I am trying to better myself inside and out and with this blog, I would like to share those things that worked for me or if not, something that might work for someone who has the same situation or issues. kBye.

P.s. The Garlic Supplement in the picture is for my mom.:)