Jul 24, 2014

Rarejob: Rare Job Indeed

I started working here last month and I was thinking about making a blog post about this after a year, after my anniversary because I like assessing things that long and usually, based on lots of experiences, those posts ended up at the back part of my brain long gone and forgotten. That reason alone is why most of my posts end up on my drafts folder and never got the chance to be published. So I opted to change that because I feel sorry for those happy, inspiring and pissy moments that doesn't get to be shared.

So yes, I am happy to be part of this company finally. I found out about this company last year and I did try to apply but didn't make it. Luckily, my second try was good enough and here I am, on to my second month as a homebased Japanese online English tutor. So far so good. I waited for my first salary which was given on the 10th of this month, a proof I was waiting for in ensuring that this company is indeed legit.

What I really liked about this new stint is that it does offer things that is important when it comes to working and that is time and flexiblity.

TIME - I get to tend to my daughter's needs. She goes to school early and I do the same so during super busy days (like midterms & finals plus now that I have a thesis to finish), having to not worry about filing leaves because I have the option to skip tutoring and concentrate on mom and university duties. This is where flexibiltity comes in. There are certain moments in life where it is more important than earning money. There are also some instances where life gets you that taking the time off is necessary. I do not have any bosses or sups to explain to everytime I have pms moments. Aside from this, I love that it is homebased, no need to worry about porma but since classes are done via video, the face and hair naman dapat should be presentable.

So far, in most days, my lesson slots are almost full. The students get to choose their teacher in every class. Today, I have a couple of open slots and if I get to publish this post with in an hour, that means that I have a lot of 30 minute breaks. This usually happens when I am in the mood to teach *sigh*.

As for the pay, enough to pay some luho and bills. I ain't complaining. Besides, this doesn't require much from me and the salary increases every 3 months depending on how the students loved you meaning, it solely depends on the students monthly evaluation. Even if I haven't had long interaction with people who works with this company (with the exemption of my interviewer during the application process), I still feel like a part of a company because I constantly get updates on my email. It is not enough for some but for me, I do feel like I am part of this company.

As for the Cons, I will just let this picture explain itself. "grinning*

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