Jul 5, 2014

Mo Twister, Twisted or Just Simply a Badass

While I was browsing through my timeline, (a habit I need to lessen) I saw a blog/article about this controversial-ish twitter war between Mo Twister and this Estrada kid. I don't really blog about showbiz peeps and shit but this one deserves an applause from me. 

See, I seldom see people post stuff that makes sense. I see that shallow part, outer covering of things about the issues in this friggin' country, which I if I may say, I am still a proud citizen of (no shit) and the opinions I hear are mostly just one sided and and for some reason, the side is stale and something I have heard of already (which is full of bull btw). It's boring!! something easy to flip pages with. I wanted something deeper in this world gone plastic, something inside that core where it would ignite my caring side of things and this article right here, just did. 

Here's a few snippet of the twitter "conversation" between Mo T. and Julian Estrada. It started with this tweet.

and then a reply:

And then the sister butting in:

Why I gave a sh*t? Well because this is more interesting and REAL compared to the ones I see on TV. It's like Y-speak but on twitter. 

***Let me clarify some things first. I ain't condoning cyber-bullying (and I know that this kind of opinion-type-of-post is a target for one). 

Now, this Jules Estrada (cute and all), what whole story are you even referring to? The basis is the fact that you don't have a job but wow, you can all afford those stuff you post? People are just connecting on what the issue they see on TV and what lavish life you are showing on social networks. Remember the daughter of Ms. Napoles who also did post her riches in public,  can't blame us if we generalize, after all, it was proven to be a trend to politicians. Okay, so you want to defend your family but when we look into it from the beginning, you should've kept things low because honestly, it is a slap to people's face who try to make ends meet. 

So, kudos to Mo Twister for giving them a piece of his mind. I think he is more real and I wish I can become as badass as him.