Jul 3, 2014

Lilys Touch Bleaching Cream, A Review (part 1)

Miracle Cream, well that is what this product is called now. 

I have been using this product every morning for almost a week now. Both my sisters have been using it but before they even started, I already saw great feedbacks from a facebook friend's wall. Some celebrities (such as Karel Marquez) did leave great feedbacks. During that time, there were no resellers here in Baguio and having to pay 250 pesos for a 20ml mini jar plus shipping fee is not worth it for a then student like me. Thanks to Ms.Pepper, she is so far the only reseller I know here in the city.

My sister ordered the largest size (300 ml) for a thousand and five hundred pesos. I took notice of it because of the smell which is really nice and a little bit calming for me which is great. I haven't used it then yet because I was waiting to see if it is effective for both my sisters. A month passed, so far, according to my sister, she didn't see any improvement. I asked my other sister and since she is already blessed with fair skin, she just uses it on her neck and feet which did not help at all because I needed a more concrete proof. Since I had none, might as well try it for myself. I asked my sister for a refill since they don't use it that often and that is what I am using now.

First, let me explain a little bit about my skepticism when it comes to facial products. See, I have a sensitive skin type and by sensitive, I mean it only wants to be cleansed with plain water. I did try some skin products like Ponds and organic ones such as Human Nature but it made some of my facial parts red and blotchy. So I always do away with just lipgloss when I go out and this has been the set up for a very long time. But now that I am getting older, I have to fight ageing and the pull of gravity is doing its thing by making my face sag a bit, I look stressed everyday, and the I realized that I am disappointing myself by being ugly and not putting effort in improving my physical appearance.

So going back to the product, this is a picture I wanted to share (as shameful as it is). As you can see, (ignore the eyebrow please, that is my already on my to-do list)I have freckles and pimple marks which I wanted to hide and this miracle cream did the work for. The cream is a bit powdery compared to BB's which I am not sure if it's worth comparing to considering the fact that Lilys Touch or Miracle Cream is mainly a bleaching cream. Because the texture is not that smooth as compared to morning creams or BB's, I have to apply it 30-45 minutes before leaving the house, just to allow my skin to absorb it.
This and a little dab of lipgloss is now my morning routine. The cream doesn't really match my skin tone but the trick is, to apply it as I said 30-45 minutes and I just let it be completely absorbed by the skin. My skin color is not fair nor dark brown so as long as let it sit there for the said minutes, the effect is just right, doesn't make me look like an "espasol". Note: make sure to apply it not just on face but on neck too. 

I am liking it so far, it does give that matte finish but it kind of cakes when I perspire especially on the forehead and sides of the nose, thank god it does not happen that much here in our cold cold city. I don't have pimple breakouts yet which is good because usually, it happens a day or 2 when I try new facial products. I can't tell how effective the bleach is but I can say that it works well as  a morning cream for me. I will be updating you guys if this product will make me not look ugly.:)

If you are from Baguio city and want to try this product, just search Lilys Touch Baguio on facebook. They have 20ml trial size for 250 pesos. Better to try it first, if it works well for you, mapalad ka.  Ciao!:)