Jul 29, 2014

Hilary Duff is Back! Huge Fan Here

Hilary Duff is like my all time favorite artist and actress. During my teen/elementary years, me and my sister would watch Lizzie Mcguire, a Disney Channel original series every night. Not sure about my two sisters but I did watch her evolve all those years until she decided to have a family of her own. It was a good move for her if you ask me because she doesn't have to go through the roller coaster ride of "being and acting crazy because I'm famous". Oh almost all has to go through that, an emotional phase I guess for famous people in Hollywood. That is one thing that I liked about her aside from the fact that she is a good singer and actress.

I did watch almost all her movies from Lizzie Mcguire The Movie to Confidential with John Cusack. I missed a few movies like According to Greta but would add this on my #mtw. I also did listen to most of her songs and my fave was Come Clean on her Metamorphosis album back in 2003. This type of music, I still listen to it until now, although the music before was much much simpler. Plus her voice suites her well, simple and pleasing to the ears.
So imagine my surprise when I found out last month that Hilary is releasing a new album. Did get to hear her new song 'Chasing the Sun' today and wow, Lizzie Mcguire all over again. Brought back the memories before when I was still in high school. She does have a lot of influence on me and I am glad that she's back. I was looking for a video of this song on youtube but only found the instrumental part so here's the link from Perez Hilton, it is from his blog where I got to listen to it first. 

I am excited to hear her songs on the new album, I've heard that she did a collaboration with Ed Sheeran. No matter what though, I won't be disappointed.