Jul 2, 2014

hashtag OITNB

This is the new TV series that I've been obsessing about. Started watching this last weekend and for season 1, I only have one more episode to watch. The first season has 13 episodes and it took me almost 2 days to finish. The first two episodes, I watched it with D because the creator of WEEDS which was his fave tv series but he didn't like this one, (too bad for him). I liked it overall because it tells the story behind women in prison, although fictional, the thrill I get of that feeling when you are actually in prison is well, thrilling.

It has all those funny parts, you get emotions that doesn't require you to have a mini heart attack kind of moment like what I get on my other favorite series like Game of Thrones or Grey's Anatomy which seriously gives me that roller coaster kind of emotion in most episodes. This one just has that just-okay-feel-but-has-that-awesome-kind-of-plot which is good when life is stressful enough and you just need a diversion that does not require that much emotion and effort to understand. 

My favorite among all characters (actually, I really love them all) is Sophia Burset played buy Laverne Cox who was named as one of OUT Magazine's most influential gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender people for 2013. I like her simply because it's always fun and in real life, way better to hang out with. *wink*

I just downloaded the first 3 episodes for season 2 and I really hope they make more than 15 episodes for this season. I greatly recommend this, way better than wolves and vampires if you ask me.