Jul 31, 2014

Goldfish Cafe in Bontoc, Mt. Province

I tagged along with the family when they decided to go to Mt. Province last weekend. It was one of those trips where we've had lots of stop over because Mt.Province is where most of my mother's relatives reside. We attended our grandma's 40 days and then spent a night at my uncle's newly built log cabin. Those two days I can say is one of the most memorable trip.

Compared to my father's side, most of his relative lives in the low lands where fields and hot weather is what we usually enjoy because I live in a cold city, literally. It is the opposite on the other hand on my mom's side. Mountainous and cold, I will be sharing a few pics though on my next post. This post is for a cute and cozy coffee shop where we spent a few hours of our time in Bontoc, Mt.Province.

We were strolling around 10 a.m. at the same time was looking for a coffee shop because we haven't had breakfast yet. We were just a couple of blocks from the hotel where we stayed at when this place caught our attention. No one can't miss this place while staying in Bontoc because aside from the color motif which screams loudness, the place is located on the main busy street of this municipality. The menu they offer is typical from what most coffee shops have here in Baguio City.

We ordered their pasta and of course my favorite pesto and it did live up to my expectation, and the same with their smoothies.

Meet my sister and cousin.:)

It is a fact that in every trip that you go to, you want a new scenery but once in a while, it is nice to know that there is such a place where it reminds you of your city. This place is new btw. I mentioned on my super old post that I studied in Bontoc for a year when I was in high school so I am familiar with the place already. The last time I visited Bontoc was 10 years ago and despite it, the place did not change much, this coffee shop was an ad on which is great because I also saw some foreigners who wanted to explore the place.

Would definitely recommend this place, it has that nice feel although the menu offered is something that I always order in coffee shops here in Baguio, it is still nice to know that Bontoc is trying to make the place tourist friendly by having a not so traditional coffee shop but still, a good place to rest and at the same time a cozy place where you can enjoy a good conversation about "the trip and the travel".