Jul 31, 2014

Goldfish Cafe in Bontoc, Mt. Province

I tagged along with the family when they decided to go to Mt. Province last weekend. It was one of those trips where we've had lots of stop over because Mt.Province is where most of my mother's relatives reside. We attended our grandma's 40 days and then spent a night at my uncle's newly built log cabin. Those two days I can say is one of the most memorable trip.

Compared to my father's side, most of his relative lives in the low lands where fields and hot weather is what we usually enjoy because I live in a cold city, literally. It is the opposite on the other hand on my mom's side. Mountainous and cold, I will be sharing a few pics though on my next post. This post is for a cute and cozy coffee shop where we spent a few hours of our time in Bontoc, Mt.Province.

We were strolling around 10 a.m. at the same time was looking for a coffee shop because we haven't had breakfast yet. We were just a couple of blocks from the hotel where we stayed at when this place caught our attention. No one can't miss this place while staying in Bontoc because aside from the color motif which screams loudness, the place is located on the main busy street of this municipality. The menu they offer is typical from what most coffee shops have here in Baguio City.

We ordered their pasta and of course my favorite pesto and it did live up to my expectation, and the same with their smoothies.

Meet my sister and cousin.:)

It is a fact that in every trip that you go to, you want a new scenery but once in a while, it is nice to know that there is such a place where it reminds you of your city. This place is new btw. I mentioned on my super old post that I studied in Bontoc for a year when I was in high school so I am familiar with the place already. The last time I visited Bontoc was 10 years ago and despite it, the place did not change much, this coffee shop was an ad on which is great because I also saw some foreigners who wanted to explore the place.

Would definitely recommend this place, it has that nice feel although the menu offered is something that I always order in coffee shops here in Baguio, it is still nice to know that Bontoc is trying to make the place tourist friendly by having a not so traditional coffee shop but still, a good place to rest and at the same time a cozy place where you can enjoy a good conversation about "the trip and the travel".

Jul 29, 2014

Hilary Duff is Back! Huge Fan Here

Hilary Duff is like my all time favorite artist and actress. During my teen/elementary years, me and my sister would watch Lizzie Mcguire, a Disney Channel original series every night. Not sure about my two sisters but I did watch her evolve all those years until she decided to have a family of her own. It was a good move for her if you ask me because she doesn't have to go through the roller coaster ride of "being and acting crazy because I'm famous". Oh almost all has to go through that, an emotional phase I guess for famous people in Hollywood. That is one thing that I liked about her aside from the fact that she is a good singer and actress.

I did watch almost all her movies from Lizzie Mcguire The Movie to Confidential with John Cusack. I missed a few movies like According to Greta but would add this on my #mtw. I also did listen to most of her songs and my fave was Come Clean on her Metamorphosis album back in 2003. This type of music, I still listen to it until now, although the music before was much much simpler. Plus her voice suites her well, simple and pleasing to the ears.
So imagine my surprise when I found out last month that Hilary is releasing a new album. Did get to hear her new song 'Chasing the Sun' today and wow, Lizzie Mcguire all over again. Brought back the memories before when I was still in high school. She does have a lot of influence on me and I am glad that she's back. I was looking for a video of this song on youtube but only found the instrumental part so here's the link from Perez Hilton, it is from his blog where I got to listen to it first. 

I am excited to hear her songs on the new album, I've heard that she did a collaboration with Ed Sheeran. No matter what though, I won't be disappointed. 

Jul 28, 2014

supplements that helped me quit smoking

It has been almost 5 months since I quit smoking. I was a chain smoker, finishing one pack like it was my last. I remember those days when I'm stressed and the only thing that helps me calm my nerves are a couple sticks of cigarettes and instant coffee. If I think about it now, it does have that calming effect but the truth is, I have smoked too much (like 3-5 sticks consecutively) and then I would feel tired and sleepy, my stress then is being diverted. I did quit before and succeeded for two months, after that, i'd go at it again. This time though, it's permanent.

I know, 5 months is not enough but I have to stay positive about this. I would want to quit permanently. And this food supplements from Amway did help me in a way.

When I first saw the brochure, I immediately wanted to know more because it is organic. As I mentioned before on my previous post, anything organic, I would want to try. Vitamin C and B Complex is a common food supplement, I mean a must for most people. I have been using Vitamin C eversince. I tried B complex because according to the brochure and quote:

"Nutrilite Natural B Complex provides seven B vitamins from all-natural sources that help support energy production and meet nutritional needs brought on by stressful living. Especially important if you’re older, a vegetarian, a smoker, an alcoholic drinker, or if you demand a lot from your body."

I was a smoker and I thought that taking this while smoking is good, evens out the fact that I am slowly killing myself but with this supplement, I get more life in addition. Turns out, it did more that that, it helped me quit smoking. I don't know how, maybe just a coincidence or that maybe, my body just decided not to (if that is even possible), but the thing is, I did not have to go through a lot to quit this vice. I do think that this supplemnts did the trick because I never wanted to smoke, really, after taking this supplement daily. Even the smell of cigarrette makes me want to vomit (like I was pregnant or something which I'm not of course).

Most probably, I would still have ordered this bottle of supplement because I often abuse my body by not taking all the necessary supplements because I have the tendency to skip meals even if I am not busy. If you can see my figure now, I look like an elementary student rather than a fourth year college. O.A. as it may sound, it did feel like it because I was anemic, sickly and I get tired easily. I did feel lethargic during the first month of using this but I would prefer that feeling rather than feeling nauseous and dizzy becauce of smoking too much. That was only during my first month though, anyway, I do experience this side effect on all medications, supplements or prescribed meds.

 I do still take this supplements and will still in the future because aside from helping me quit smoking, it also helped me reduce hair fall. There are other supplements of Amway that I would want to try like the the Lecithin-E with Honey because my skin looks dry and uhm ugly. I will, as soon as I have enough money to buy a bottle because I can't buy this per piece and one bottle is expensive but would last for months depending on how many tablets/capsules required to take per day.

I am trying to better myself inside and out and with this blog, I would like to share those things that worked for me or if not, something that might work for someone who has the same situation or issues. kBye.

P.s. The Garlic Supplement in the picture is for my mom.:)

Jul 24, 2014

Rarejob: Rare Job Indeed

I started working here last month and I was thinking about making a blog post about this after a year, after my anniversary because I like assessing things that long and usually, based on lots of experiences, those posts ended up at the back part of my brain long gone and forgotten. That reason alone is why most of my posts end up on my drafts folder and never got the chance to be published. So I opted to change that because I feel sorry for those happy, inspiring and pissy moments that doesn't get to be shared.

So yes, I am happy to be part of this company finally. I found out about this company last year and I did try to apply but didn't make it. Luckily, my second try was good enough and here I am, on to my second month as a homebased Japanese online English tutor. So far so good. I waited for my first salary which was given on the 10th of this month, a proof I was waiting for in ensuring that this company is indeed legit.

What I really liked about this new stint is that it does offer things that is important when it comes to working and that is time and flexiblity.

TIME - I get to tend to my daughter's needs. She goes to school early and I do the same so during super busy days (like midterms & finals plus now that I have a thesis to finish), having to not worry about filing leaves because I have the option to skip tutoring and concentrate on mom and university duties. This is where flexibiltity comes in. There are certain moments in life where it is more important than earning money. There are also some instances where life gets you that taking the time off is necessary. I do not have any bosses or sups to explain to everytime I have pms moments. Aside from this, I love that it is homebased, no need to worry about porma but since classes are done via video, the face and hair naman dapat should be presentable.

So far, in most days, my lesson slots are almost full. The students get to choose their teacher in every class. Today, I have a couple of open slots and if I get to publish this post with in an hour, that means that I have a lot of 30 minute breaks. This usually happens when I am in the mood to teach *sigh*.

As for the pay, enough to pay some luho and bills. I ain't complaining. Besides, this doesn't require much from me and the salary increases every 3 months depending on how the students loved you meaning, it solely depends on the students monthly evaluation. Even if I haven't had long interaction with people who works with this company (with the exemption of my interviewer during the application process), I still feel like a part of a company because I constantly get updates on my email. It is not enough for some but for me, I do feel like I am part of this company.

As for the Cons, I will just let this picture explain itself. "grinning*

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Jul 15, 2014

to all the boys I've loved before & a grown-up kind of pretty, book reviews

These two books right here helped me survive some boring transitional summer classes. Amazing how I got to finish these 2 in between interships, university classes and new homebased stint. I usually go for the bestseller books (and catchy book covers). This two has been added to my favorites shelf, a shelf that's dedicated to books I will be reading again.:)

Okay, so here's my review for:

a grown-up kind of pretty by Joshilyn Jackson

Genre: New Adult

A powerful saga of three generations of women, plagued by hardships and torn by a devastating secret, yet inextricably joined by the bonds of family. Fifteen-year-old Mosey Slocumb- spirited, sassy and on the cusps of womanhood- is shaken when a small grave is unearthed in the backyard, and determined to figure out why it's there. Liza, her stroke ravaged mother, is haunted by choices she made as a teenager. But it is Jenny, Mosey's strong and big-hearted grandmother , whose maternal love braids together the strands of the women's shared past- and who will stop at nothing to defend their future.

Review: I liked that the first few pages already made me want to keep reading. The characters has their own distinct story and was not left out up until the end of the story. The character that I liked the most is Liza. Her character is strong and I can relate to her character as a mother.

The reason why I can't stop turning the pages is because every chapter was divided evenly with that "abangan sa susunod na kabanata" type, it's great for telenovelas. It does have a strong plot and I greatly recommend it.

Favorite note from the book: "There are good things coming, Ginny. I promise. I promise you, there's a balance."

to all the boys I've loved before by Jenny Han

Genre: Young Adult

It is the story of Lara Jean who has never openly admitted her crushes but instead wrote each boy a letter about how she felt, sealed it and hid it in a box under under her bed. But one day, Lara Jean discovers that somehow, her secret box of letters has been mailed, causing all her crushes from her past to confront her about the letters: her first kiss, the boy from summer camp, even her sister's exboyfriend, Josh. As she learns to deal with her past loves face to face, Lara Jean discovers that something good may come out of this letters after all.

It's a love story I would want to experience in my next life. I seldom like reading romance type of plot but when I do, I seek those none cheezy-sweep me off my feet-type of characters and plot. There's a lot of things that happened on this book and the story did not concentrate on the main character's love story but also the story of her family. There were some cheezy parts which is common in young adult romance plot but not enough to make me want to stop reading it. The story also has that one mean character, Genevieve, but hers is not all that "mean girls" type and her character is what I am looking forward to reading on book #2. Yes, it does have a sequel and I am looking forward to it and I do already have a bit of idea on what will happen but nonetheless, I am excited.

Favorite note from the book: "I just let people believe what they please. I don't feel like it's my responsiblity to quantify myself for them."

My book rating on Goodreads.

Jul 12, 2014

EOS sweet mint lip balm, a review

Finally, a late review indeed but still, it deserves one from someone who have had problems with chapped lips for a long long time. Living in a small city where new things such as fashion, make up and such comes late because online sellers also gets a hold of it if there are a couple of numbers or sets to sell. 

Now, I tried this lipgloss just this morning and I fell in love with it, yes, that fast. By the way, this lip balm was introduced to me by Ms. Miley Cyrus on her music video of We can't stop. If you haven't seen it yet (I said IF) here's the video, check it out.:

EOS (Evolution of Smooth) has varieties of flavor, I wanted to also try Lemon Drop with SPF 15 and will most probably order one when the next batch from the online seller where I bought this arrives. This costs P250.00 ($5 more or less). I chose Sweet Mint, either this or the Strawberry Sorbet because I like the tingling feeling that mint lip balm gives. Before using this, I was loyal and still is to Human Nature's Lip Gloss ( Fire Tree). It is tinted, though not minty, I still get that tingling feeling that I like plus it is also oraganic.
When I hear the word organic, I have this need want to try it. EOS is 95% organic and 100% natural with ingredients such as shea butter and jojoba oils which is good for those who have sensitive skin or lips for that matter. Aside from the fact that it is organic, the packaging is so cute! Spherical plus that light neon-ish color. It is eye-catching like if I see someone using it inside the jeepney, I might give that person a slow clap lawl! Joking aside, I did mentin that I just started using it this morning, it's a lip balm so no need to wait for a glorious result but I can say that aside from the light minty smell, it does glide nicely (smoothly even). It does not give color or shine but it's good when applying it first before using any tinted lip gloss or stick. I did get that smooth and soft lips as promised and I will surely try the other flavors too.
Now for the rating:
Effectiveness: I'll give it a perfect score which is 5, it got me even just for a day.
Packaging: definitely a 5.
Smell: 5 out of 5.
Will I buy it again? Sure will!

Jul 5, 2014

Mo Twister, Twisted or Just Simply a Badass

While I was browsing through my timeline, (a habit I need to lessen) I saw a blog/article about this controversial-ish twitter war between Mo Twister and this Estrada kid. I don't really blog about showbiz peeps and shit but this one deserves an applause from me. 

See, I seldom see people post stuff that makes sense. I see that shallow part, outer covering of things about the issues in this friggin' country, which I if I may say, I am still a proud citizen of (no shit) and the opinions I hear are mostly just one sided and and for some reason, the side is stale and something I have heard of already (which is full of bull btw). It's boring!! something easy to flip pages with. I wanted something deeper in this world gone plastic, something inside that core where it would ignite my caring side of things and this article right here, just did. 

Here's a few snippet of the twitter "conversation" between Mo T. and Julian Estrada. It started with this tweet.

and then a reply:

And then the sister butting in:

Why I gave a sh*t? Well because this is more interesting and REAL compared to the ones I see on TV. It's like Y-speak but on twitter. 

***Let me clarify some things first. I ain't condoning cyber-bullying (and I know that this kind of opinion-type-of-post is a target for one). 

Now, this Jules Estrada (cute and all), what whole story are you even referring to? The basis is the fact that you don't have a job but wow, you can all afford those stuff you post? People are just connecting on what the issue they see on TV and what lavish life you are showing on social networks. Remember the daughter of Ms. Napoles who also did post her riches in public,  can't blame us if we generalize, after all, it was proven to be a trend to politicians. Okay, so you want to defend your family but when we look into it from the beginning, you should've kept things low because honestly, it is a slap to people's face who try to make ends meet. 

So, kudos to Mo Twister for giving them a piece of his mind. I think he is more real and I wish I can become as badass as him. 

Jul 3, 2014

Lilys Touch Bleaching Cream, A Review (part 1)

Miracle Cream, well that is what this product is called now. 

I have been using this product every morning for almost a week now. Both my sisters have been using it but before they even started, I already saw great feedbacks from a facebook friend's wall. Some celebrities (such as Karel Marquez) did leave great feedbacks. During that time, there were no resellers here in Baguio and having to pay 250 pesos for a 20ml mini jar plus shipping fee is not worth it for a then student like me. Thanks to Ms.Pepper, she is so far the only reseller I know here in the city.

My sister ordered the largest size (300 ml) for a thousand and five hundred pesos. I took notice of it because of the smell which is really nice and a little bit calming for me which is great. I haven't used it then yet because I was waiting to see if it is effective for both my sisters. A month passed, so far, according to my sister, she didn't see any improvement. I asked my other sister and since she is already blessed with fair skin, she just uses it on her neck and feet which did not help at all because I needed a more concrete proof. Since I had none, might as well try it for myself. I asked my sister for a refill since they don't use it that often and that is what I am using now.

First, let me explain a little bit about my skepticism when it comes to facial products. See, I have a sensitive skin type and by sensitive, I mean it only wants to be cleansed with plain water. I did try some skin products like Ponds and organic ones such as Human Nature but it made some of my facial parts red and blotchy. So I always do away with just lipgloss when I go out and this has been the set up for a very long time. But now that I am getting older, I have to fight ageing and the pull of gravity is doing its thing by making my face sag a bit, I look stressed everyday, and the I realized that I am disappointing myself by being ugly and not putting effort in improving my physical appearance.

So going back to the product, this is a picture I wanted to share (as shameful as it is). As you can see, (ignore the eyebrow please, that is my already on my to-do list)I have freckles and pimple marks which I wanted to hide and this miracle cream did the work for. The cream is a bit powdery compared to BB's which I am not sure if it's worth comparing to considering the fact that Lilys Touch or Miracle Cream is mainly a bleaching cream. Because the texture is not that smooth as compared to morning creams or BB's, I have to apply it 30-45 minutes before leaving the house, just to allow my skin to absorb it.
This and a little dab of lipgloss is now my morning routine. The cream doesn't really match my skin tone but the trick is, to apply it as I said 30-45 minutes and I just let it be completely absorbed by the skin. My skin color is not fair nor dark brown so as long as let it sit there for the said minutes, the effect is just right, doesn't make me look like an "espasol". Note: make sure to apply it not just on face but on neck too. 

I am liking it so far, it does give that matte finish but it kind of cakes when I perspire especially on the forehead and sides of the nose, thank god it does not happen that much here in our cold cold city. I don't have pimple breakouts yet which is good because usually, it happens a day or 2 when I try new facial products. I can't tell how effective the bleach is but I can say that it works well as  a morning cream for me. I will be updating you guys if this product will make me not look ugly.:)

If you are from Baguio city and want to try this product, just search Lilys Touch Baguio on facebook. They have 20ml trial size for 250 pesos. Better to try it first, if it works well for you, mapalad ka.  Ciao!:)

Jul 2, 2014

hashtag OITNB

This is the new TV series that I've been obsessing about. Started watching this last weekend and for season 1, I only have one more episode to watch. The first season has 13 episodes and it took me almost 2 days to finish. The first two episodes, I watched it with D because the creator of WEEDS which was his fave tv series but he didn't like this one, (too bad for him). I liked it overall because it tells the story behind women in prison, although fictional, the thrill I get of that feeling when you are actually in prison is well, thrilling.

It has all those funny parts, you get emotions that doesn't require you to have a mini heart attack kind of moment like what I get on my other favorite series like Game of Thrones or Grey's Anatomy which seriously gives me that roller coaster kind of emotion in most episodes. This one just has that just-okay-feel-but-has-that-awesome-kind-of-plot which is good when life is stressful enough and you just need a diversion that does not require that much emotion and effort to understand. 

My favorite among all characters (actually, I really love them all) is Sophia Burset played buy Laverne Cox who was named as one of OUT Magazine's most influential gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender people for 2013. I like her simply because it's always fun and in real life, way better to hang out with. *wink*

I just downloaded the first 3 episodes for season 2 and I really hope they make more than 15 episodes for this season. I greatly recommend this, way better than wolves and vampires if you ask me.