Aug 6, 2013

me and traffic

I don't mind being stuck in traffic. Yes in a way it is annoying especially if you are running late for school or work. I still don't mind though. See I like to imagine, makes time run by faster. Yes I can imagine or daydream during dull moments of the day but for me, the best is still when I am stuck in traffic..

My dream aside from making the parents proud is to own a car. I specifically wanted to own a mini cooper hatchback-convertible.  Living in a city where it pours anytime, owning a car is a must for me. I have blogged this dream of mine for how many times now. I might have mentioned already that I hate the scenes in every jeepney trip, the stares from strangers, eyeing you from head to toe. The snobs who shows their irritation when you ask them to pass your fare to the driver, from those times when you have to endure the smell of beer from drunk men (and women who giggles in a very irritating kind of way). The drivers who have to wait 10 minutes for passengers w/o a care in the world with the already-passengers who also have their own businesses to attend to..

Having to see the people driving their own car during traffic is somewhat relaxing for me.  I would always imagine myself driving my own car, listening to my playlist and singing along with it. You can't sing-a- long to your favorite music inside the jeep, well for some can but not for me. 

They say that car is not a good investment, that if you plan to own one, better to pay it in full. The maintenance is also costly and them other hard stuff that everyone says is hard. I say, it's okay. That’s part of owning something, there are responsibilities attached to it.

For me, owning a car will make life easier don't you think so too?