Jun 1, 2013

almost new started this month

New month, new subjects, new friends, new stint !!!
Is my luck turning around for this year's middle month?
I sure hope so.:)

First 5 months of 2013, t'was okay.
Main highlight was when I saw my grade in Basic Stat.
Quite low and no, it's not "pasang-awa", but the "P" beside it made me grin.
I basically passed all my subjects and that's all that matters.

Plans for this month:

1. Enroll all major subjects that's offered for this sem, I am aiming for that 2 semesters and 1 summer class countdown before graduation.

2. For the first 2 weeks, I have 500 files to finish, (new stint related). Will blog about it as soon as I get my first pay check. This is when I will know if the stint is indeed legit.

3. Planning to finish an audiobook, a fiction and non-fiction book. 3 books all in all.

I just want to end this month right. 
Seems easy, the writing and planning part that is. The doing part, I need a lot of motivation.

Well, enjoy June okay? :) <3 p="">