May 25, 2013

something about movies and war

I love watching soldier/army movies. Aside from science fiction, war movies is my second on the list of movie genres. Tears of the Sun is currently playing on the background, D said "yan nanaman pinapanood mo?" (you're watching that movie again?) because I just watched the movie the other day, I actually have a copy of it in the hard drive. Right now, it's playing on cable, I have the option to watch this or my other favorite movie which is spider man3 but opted the first one even if I watch it every other day, ...not really, I can watch it again though if there is nothing else worth watching on cable.

Aside from it being a  soldier/war movie, Bruce Willis, my childhood crush is one of the main character and the war against black and white is one plot that gets me. I can't say that it's about racism because the plot mainly shows the greediness of power, ready to kill anyone who gets in their way. The soldiers, Bruce Willis' team was just caught up with the war since they saw how brutal the ethnic cleansing was.
them team !
Most soldier movies doesn't intend to make viewers cry, I noticed. Unlike for certain movie genres, this movie makes you anticipate for the ending, especially the part where they tell you about what happened to the soldiers who survived the war, afterall, most war movies are based on real life events. 

Aside from this movie, Black Hawn Down and Saving Private Ryan just to name a few are my favorite.

I am so obsessed with soldier movies, it got me thinking that maybe, I was a soldier in my past life, if not, I then pray to become a soldier in my next life. ;)

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