May 13, 2013

i apologize

Topic: a public apology
I, Jill Galario, do apologize for always feeling sorry for myself and seem to always doubt my capabilities. I always feel sad and sorry when in the real world, I can choose to just be happy. 

I've always hated school, in fact, I even tweeted that it sucks the life out of me. A schoolmate asked me why and I said, "I hate being obligated to do it but I have to graduate." I actually lied. The people at school drains the energy and happy vibe out of me, to that dear schoolmate of mine, sorry I lied and this is my public apology.

To the books I have been skipping to finish, I am so sorry I get too lazy even if I promised myself to try and finish one chapter before I go to bed. 

To blogspot, sorry for the ditch, I just thought tumblr will be suitable for me but after trying it for a couple of days, my loyalty still went back to you. Did this twice, before was with wordpress, sorry... 

For all the people I have hurt, intended or unintentionally, this is my public apology. You may not be able to read it now, maybe someday, sorry okay? 
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