May 17, 2013

Friday Frustrations: wrong kind of chill

Woke up on the wrong side of the bed today.
I should be jumping for joy now because I have only one exam for finals today but for some reason, today feels like a Monday. Feeling so bummed out to the point where I almost feel like slapping someone. I think, the events that happened yesterday has something to do with this. 

Let's jump to the summary and  help me assess it please. Around 2pm, had 4 bottles of beer with some of my debate mates, t'was supposedly a chill-kind-of-afternoon but for some reason, it bored me to death which made me drink beer instead and smoked my lungs out with half-pack which took me only 3 hours to finish and that seldom happens. That was how bored I was, to think that I even made it for 3 friggin hours. See, I am that kind of person who would start a group chat but with the kind of group I was with, dang, t'was super awkward. I was sitted beside Renz, question and answer was okay during the first hour but when another friend of his came, ako na ang left out. 

It seems to me like their kind of chill is different from mine so instead of concentrating more on how bummed out I am, let me give you an idea on what chilling is for me. 

  •  it's either over coffee or beer, it is not a drinking spree okay? it should be more talking like getting to know more (not the date-kind of getting to know), less smoking and texting is a must
  • chillin with a group means everyone should talk to each other. Hello? If you prefer talking to just one person, go get your own table or if you don't feel like sharing or talking, ba't ka pa sumama?
  • silence while chilling is okay but totally UNACCEPTABLE when it reaches like 10 minutes, ganun ka-awkward!!
  • I prefer not to invite someone whom the group doesn't know not unless that person is easy to get along with. 
  •  when chilling, I prefer an open space and with a not-so-loud music. yung saktong lakas lang kase hindi naman gimik e, chill nga.
  • lastly, choose a table where everyone can hear what you are saying, the table they chose was so I wide, I can sleep which in our case, I almost did. >.<
So, after my last exam today, the same group is planning to chill again. Would I be willing to go despite what happened yesterday. Btw, I was the second one who went home, Renz felt a little pissed because in the first place, we were the one who invited the others for that supposed fun-chill-afternoon.

That was like the most awkward chill I ever went to. If just in case I still don't feel like going later, I still would like to chill, this is time, it's with my sisters. 

k, bye.