May 12, 2013

back to blogger and a happy mom's day

Hello again blogger!

This time, I am sticking around. Such a hassle to export and make the template feel like me which I already did when I moved to tumblr and then just this morning, I deleted it and here I am again back to square 3. At least  now I know, after moving from blogger to wordpress and then tumblr, I then realized that blogger even though tumblr still has the easiest dashboard navigation among the three, blogger weighs in more because of the widgets and plug-ins. I find wordpress hard to explore, not that user friendly, again, this is just me or maybe, I'm just lazy to explore, either way, pro blogger pa din ako.

So today's mother's day. Happy mom's day to all mothers out there, to ate Ane and Stella, my fellow Cordillera bloggers and awesome moms, today's our day! :)

As for my mom, despite our different point of views and tubig-mantika relationship, I love you 'ma. Honestly, I only get to tell mom I love her during special occasions like this one. The not so-vocal-personality, I did get that from her. Since I am the second child, me and ma doesn't have that closeness compared to my 2 sisters. Yes, the second child leeway, I use that loosely. Since I don't leave with my parents anymore, the only time I get to talk to my mom is when the family needs to attend a relative occassion. No calls except for forwarded messages which has a message behind it saying "I am okay ma, hope okay lang din kayo." I know, me and ma is not that close, this is not the thing of what I wanted to share but how I can make my mama proud.

The only thing that is important for mama is for all of us to graduate and find a stable job. Me and my sister is still working on it, my sister still has a year as for me, 3 more semesters. I know that even if we don't have regular communication, as long as mama knows I am okay and she's okay (health wise), we're good.

To mama Saring, thanks for being a second mom. I love you and thanks for everything.

To all nanays and nanays to be, let your heart be full of motherly love. 😃