May 14, 2013

a post that will make your mouth water

Eversince I can't remember, I can't seem to eat anything without suka (vinegar). I love sour foods especially the ones where you can dip with suka and toyo or bagoong. Green mangoes, singkamas, ripe sampaloc, the not so ripe papayas, I can eat without having it pickled. The only thing I can't eat alone with suka is the santol fruit that is why I always prefer having it pickled. It is a good side dish and it can last for 2-3 weeks just make sure that the jar you used is clean.

My mom makes the best pickled santol. I did watch her make one before, she said that it's all about the measurment of the sugar and salt.I tried pickling several times before but can't seem to perfect it like my mom's. 

A couple of weeks ago, I made the almost perfect one. 

Since I am the only in this house who loves sour fruits, I didn't worry about sharing coz I'm imot like that ;). Found it almost perfect coz nothing beats the one that my mom makes.So anyway, here is how I did it.

We need salt, sugar, water and vinegar, I used sukang iloco and of course the santol fruit, peeled and sliced. 

To make the brine for 4 pieces of santol fruit (medium sized), I used 2 and a half cup of water + 2 cups of vinegar. Put it on low- heat fire, at the same time, add like 2 table spoons of salt. Mix it for a couple of minutes, say 2 for the acidity of the vinegar to evaporate and then add 5 table spoons of sugar. I prefer using brown sugar for pickling just because. After the sugar dissolves, put the santol fruits inside a clean jar first then add brine. Added it while it's still hot because I can't wait for it to be pickled real fast. Unlike for some, they still have to wait for a few days, mine, I had it for just after 2 hours, the heat made  it easier for it to be pickled. Those 4 pieces, had it for like a week as a side dish. 

For people who can't seem to eat w/o sour food, pickling is one way for you to always have ready made sour side dish. 😊 - told you, indeed mouth- watering.