May 25, 2013

something about movies and war

I love watching soldier/army movies. Aside from science fiction, war movies is my second on the list of movie genres. Tears of the Sun is currently playing on the background, D said "yan nanaman pinapanood mo?" (you're watching that movie again?) because I just watched the movie the other day, I actually have a copy of it in the hard drive. Right now, it's playing on cable, I have the option to watch this or my other favorite movie which is spider man3 but opted the first one even if I watch it every other day, ...not really, I can watch it again though if there is nothing else worth watching on cable.

Aside from it being a  soldier/war movie, Bruce Willis, my childhood crush is one of the main character and the war against black and white is one plot that gets me. I can't say that it's about racism because the plot mainly shows the greediness of power, ready to kill anyone who gets in their way. The soldiers, Bruce Willis' team was just caught up with the war since they saw how brutal the ethnic cleansing was.
them team !
Most soldier movies doesn't intend to make viewers cry, I noticed. Unlike for certain movie genres, this movie makes you anticipate for the ending, especially the part where they tell you about what happened to the soldiers who survived the war, afterall, most war movies are based on real life events. 

Aside from this movie, Black Hawn Down and Saving Private Ryan just to name a few are my favorite.

I am so obsessed with soldier movies, it got me thinking that maybe, I was a soldier in my past life, if not, I then pray to become a soldier in my next life. ;)

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May 24, 2013

currently reading and willing to share

Since summer class has already ended almost a week ago, the books I have downloaded 2 months ago, I can now read. June 10 will be the start of first semester so that would give me 3 weeks to read up to my hearts content. So this, I started reading 3 weeks ago but can't seem to finish it.

I was thinking, since this is written by J.K. Rowling... what? You don't know who she is?? Harry Potter, oo,  siya pala yun. I am now in chapter 2 (olden days), verified that this an adult novel. No more magic guys! For the first few chapters, I find it hard to stick to this or even manage to stay awake so when insomnia hits and you want to read, this is a good recommendation. I have the option to read another book which I will be sharing soon.

So anyway, no more class also means doing house cleaning and errands that was neglected when I was busy-busy-han sa school. Everytime I want to read, the other book is what I would read instead of this, makes me sleepy and not planning to sleep the afternoon away. So what I did is to download an audiobook instead. 

I can listen to it anytime I want while doing household chores like the laundry, while washing the dishes, cooking and most of the time, when I have my me-time over at the terrace and just enjoying the windy afternoon while listening to a good story. 

Also, my eyes can't take prolonged reading anymore so audiobook is a great alternative. Although I still prefer the traditional way of reading, with real paper pages, audiobook is great if you're really wanting to finish a book w/o the hassle of having tired eyes and thinking about stuff that needs to be done. Not easy especially for a mom like me.

If you are a bookworm and a fan of J.K. Rowling, I can send you a copy of this book for free, it's in ePub and mobile format. PDF? Send me an email, I can work something out. If you prefer the audiobook, same thing, just send me an email.

Have a fantabulous Friday y'all !!! 😊

May 17, 2013

Friday Frustrations: wrong kind of chill

Woke up on the wrong side of the bed today.
I should be jumping for joy now because I have only one exam for finals today but for some reason, today feels like a Monday. Feeling so bummed out to the point where I almost feel like slapping someone. I think, the events that happened yesterday has something to do with this. 

Let's jump to the summary and  help me assess it please. Around 2pm, had 4 bottles of beer with some of my debate mates, t'was supposedly a chill-kind-of-afternoon but for some reason, it bored me to death which made me drink beer instead and smoked my lungs out with half-pack which took me only 3 hours to finish and that seldom happens. That was how bored I was, to think that I even made it for 3 friggin hours. See, I am that kind of person who would start a group chat but with the kind of group I was with, dang, t'was super awkward. I was sitted beside Renz, question and answer was okay during the first hour but when another friend of his came, ako na ang left out. 

It seems to me like their kind of chill is different from mine so instead of concentrating more on how bummed out I am, let me give you an idea on what chilling is for me. 

  •  it's either over coffee or beer, it is not a drinking spree okay? it should be more talking like getting to know more (not the date-kind of getting to know), less smoking and texting is a must
  • chillin with a group means everyone should talk to each other. Hello? If you prefer talking to just one person, go get your own table or if you don't feel like sharing or talking, ba't ka pa sumama?
  • silence while chilling is okay but totally UNACCEPTABLE when it reaches like 10 minutes, ganun ka-awkward!!
  • I prefer not to invite someone whom the group doesn't know not unless that person is easy to get along with. 
  •  when chilling, I prefer an open space and with a not-so-loud music. yung saktong lakas lang kase hindi naman gimik e, chill nga.
  • lastly, choose a table where everyone can hear what you are saying, the table they chose was so I wide, I can sleep which in our case, I almost did. >.<
So, after my last exam today, the same group is planning to chill again. Would I be willing to go despite what happened yesterday. Btw, I was the second one who went home, Renz felt a little pissed because in the first place, we were the one who invited the others for that supposed fun-chill-afternoon.

That was like the most awkward chill I ever went to. If just in case I still don't feel like going later, I still would like to chill, this is time, it's with my sisters. 

k, bye.

May 14, 2013

a post that will make your mouth water

Eversince I can't remember, I can't seem to eat anything without suka (vinegar). I love sour foods especially the ones where you can dip with suka and toyo or bagoong. Green mangoes, singkamas, ripe sampaloc, the not so ripe papayas, I can eat without having it pickled. The only thing I can't eat alone with suka is the santol fruit that is why I always prefer having it pickled. It is a good side dish and it can last for 2-3 weeks just make sure that the jar you used is clean.

My mom makes the best pickled santol. I did watch her make one before, she said that it's all about the measurment of the sugar and salt.I tried pickling several times before but can't seem to perfect it like my mom's. 

A couple of weeks ago, I made the almost perfect one. 

Since I am the only in this house who loves sour fruits, I didn't worry about sharing coz I'm imot like that ;). Found it almost perfect coz nothing beats the one that my mom makes.So anyway, here is how I did it.

We need salt, sugar, water and vinegar, I used sukang iloco and of course the santol fruit, peeled and sliced. 

To make the brine for 4 pieces of santol fruit (medium sized), I used 2 and a half cup of water + 2 cups of vinegar. Put it on low- heat fire, at the same time, add like 2 table spoons of salt. Mix it for a couple of minutes, say 2 for the acidity of the vinegar to evaporate and then add 5 table spoons of sugar. I prefer using brown sugar for pickling just because. After the sugar dissolves, put the santol fruits inside a clean jar first then add brine. Added it while it's still hot because I can't wait for it to be pickled real fast. Unlike for some, they still have to wait for a few days, mine, I had it for just after 2 hours, the heat made  it easier for it to be pickled. Those 4 pieces, had it for like a week as a side dish. 

For people who can't seem to eat w/o sour food, pickling is one way for you to always have ready made sour side dish. 😊 - told you, indeed mouth- watering. 

May 13, 2013

i apologize

Topic: a public apology
I, Jill Galario, do apologize for always feeling sorry for myself and seem to always doubt my capabilities. I always feel sad and sorry when in the real world, I can choose to just be happy. 

I've always hated school, in fact, I even tweeted that it sucks the life out of me. A schoolmate asked me why and I said, "I hate being obligated to do it but I have to graduate." I actually lied. The people at school drains the energy and happy vibe out of me, to that dear schoolmate of mine, sorry I lied and this is my public apology.

To the books I have been skipping to finish, I am so sorry I get too lazy even if I promised myself to try and finish one chapter before I go to bed. 

To blogspot, sorry for the ditch, I just thought tumblr will be suitable for me but after trying it for a couple of days, my loyalty still went back to you. Did this twice, before was with wordpress, sorry... 

For all the people I have hurt, intended or unintentionally, this is my public apology. You may not be able to read it now, maybe someday, sorry okay? 
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May 12, 2013

back to blogger and a happy mom's day

Hello again blogger!

This time, I am sticking around. Such a hassle to export and make the template feel like me which I already did when I moved to tumblr and then just this morning, I deleted it and here I am again back to square 3. At least  now I know, after moving from blogger to wordpress and then tumblr, I then realized that blogger even though tumblr still has the easiest dashboard navigation among the three, blogger weighs in more because of the widgets and plug-ins. I find wordpress hard to explore, not that user friendly, again, this is just me or maybe, I'm just lazy to explore, either way, pro blogger pa din ako.

So today's mother's day. Happy mom's day to all mothers out there, to ate Ane and Stella, my fellow Cordillera bloggers and awesome moms, today's our day! :)

As for my mom, despite our different point of views and tubig-mantika relationship, I love you 'ma. Honestly, I only get to tell mom I love her during special occasions like this one. The not so-vocal-personality, I did get that from her. Since I am the second child, me and ma doesn't have that closeness compared to my 2 sisters. Yes, the second child leeway, I use that loosely. Since I don't leave with my parents anymore, the only time I get to talk to my mom is when the family needs to attend a relative occassion. No calls except for forwarded messages which has a message behind it saying "I am okay ma, hope okay lang din kayo." I know, me and ma is not that close, this is not the thing of what I wanted to share but how I can make my mama proud.

The only thing that is important for mama is for all of us to graduate and find a stable job. Me and my sister is still working on it, my sister still has a year as for me, 3 more semesters. I know that even if we don't have regular communication, as long as mama knows I am okay and she's okay (health wise), we're good.

To mama Saring, thanks for being a second mom. I love you and thanks for everything.

To all nanays and nanays to be, let your heart be full of motherly love. 😃

May 9, 2013

it's Okay Thursdays #01

                   Its Ok Thursdays

  Happy Thursday!
While browsing through memes, this came up on my google search and thanks to Amber, I have something I can blog about today. Here it goes:

  • link up even if this meme is about to end. I can't believe this is the first time for me to see this, and it has been running for 2 years! :(
  • not know how to use the calculator to check the hypothesis-testing (statistics things).
  • not be chosen as one of the teams for the championship debate, I hate researching anyway.
  • wake up tomorrow sore and that's because of not doing warm ups before trying all the equipments in the gym.
  • be humiliated infront of the class today because I just can't understand anything that has to do with math. Actually, it's not okay to be humiliated but no one can't argue with a professor.
  • move my blog from blogger to tumblr.

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    May 5, 2013