Apr 24, 2013

SM Store's 3-Day SALE, 3-Way Save!

That feeling you get when you hear the word sale. Almost everyone needs “that” sale because it is whenyou can finally buy that dress, shoes or accessories that you are eyeing for.See, sale and save sort of comes together, a perfect pair if I may say. Thisfact, you don’t need to dig deeper. 

Another great thing aboutsale aside from being able to save is that you get the chance to win gadgets. Iguess you already know which store I am referring to, after all, it is the onlystore that I know, and offers great sale at the same time gives you the chanceto win stuff that would make you go shop like a boss.

Yes, I am referring to TheSM Store’s 3-Day Sale, 3 Way Save which is SM’s biggest sale even yet happeningon May 3, 4 and 5.

 For the 3 Way Save:

-     2 hour special happeningon the first 2 hours on Friday (May 3, 2013) gives you 10% off from 10 am – 12 noon.
-     100  take back for a2,000 single-receipt purchase on Saturday and Sunday (May 4 & 5, 2012)
-     For a 5,000single-receipt purchase, there’s a 5% rebate for BDO credit card holders.

As mentioned, SM Store’s3 day is not complete without having the chance to win on their raffle promos. Get a chance to win a 16 gb wifi +cellular iPad Mini with free globe prepaid sim card   and power surf 99. Also, take advantage of the sale event for the Back-to-School supplies and "fashion sense".

For SMAC, SM Prestige Card and BDO card holders, get the chance to win Apple Gadgets as prizes for men's fashion. 

This one's something you don't wanna miss, see you all at The SM Store. :)

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