Apr 6, 2013

Feeling Foodie: Japanese Yum @ SumoSam

Ain't that much into food.
If you've seen me in person, you'll know what I mean.
With invites like this, the tiny foodie in me sparks and brings out the thirst for something new.

When it comes to letting my tongue experience foreign tastes (food that is *winks*), it comes as something like taking basic stats exam. Lemme just go to that SumoSam experience before your mind drifts into something not about food. :)

First of, let me share a brief history about SumoSam. It's a Japanese casual dining restaurant.  It opened its first store in 2005. Within the next 8 years, its has expanded nationwide  and is now here in Baguio. Did you know that the then famous actor, Marvin Agustin owns the restaurant together with his other business partners. I remember the Jolens-Marvin days, and now, he is a well known chef and I still see him on tv commercials, not so much into the acting scene (SumoSam has been keeping him busy).

Up to date, they now have 30 chains. With the fast paced growing competition among food chains, each one has to know the needs of every consumer. Unlike the places I am accustomed to eating to, it would take a few months for me to go back because of the same food they offer on the menu. With SumoSam, they offer something new every 6 months, well isn't that awesome. They offer fresh fruits every after meal and also came up with refreshing ice pops. :)

With them allowing us to experience SumoSam, let me share a few pics during the grand opening which happened yesterday, April 05, 2013.

 The Venue: 

The Food:

 1. California Maki and Dynamite Roll - both are a must try. Dynamite roll is good for cold season because of it's spiciness which is just right if I may say while the california maki is best for summer or anytime of the year I guess. The combination of the sweet mangoe and saltiness of the seaweed, del-eee-cious!

2. Gyoza - a.k.a Japanese potstickers/pan-fried dumplings. They used gyoza wrappers here with pork, cabbage and onions. Best if dipped with soy sauce with vinegar and chili oil.

3. Seafood Yakisoba - just the way my mama likes it, with lots and lots of seafood!

4. Chicken Teriyaki - something not that new to me. D cooks teriyaki but SumoSam's version is better of course. This one's best with plain rice.

5. Japanese Fried Rice - being a plain rice fan, having my tongue try rice with other ingredients is something of an adventure. You don't need viand, sulit na sulit pag eto na in-order mo. I think they used short grain rice because of the texture.

6. Ebi Tempura - a huge one. This and the seafood yakisoba is a fave among them all because I love seafoods. Again, best if dipped with soy sauce and chili. :)

With that, I can say that my experience at SumoSam is worth sharing to family and friends. Considering that this is my first time eating at a Japanese restaurant, the ambiance, location and the food is just so perfect for family days and for people who wants their taste buds to have a sumptuous adventure. The next time we visit and dine @ SumoSam, I would want to try their Mt. Fuji Steak and Squid Head Karaage especially that after them letting us taste some of their famous food on the menu, we also got these, a brief history of SumoSam, a CD containing some pictures of their best sellers and 3 gc's!!!

Now before I end this post, just because I want to make your mouth water, here are a few pics you can drool on. Sarap lang 'di ba? :D

Go ahead and give it a try, SumoSam is located at Technohub Camp John Hay. 
The food looks fancy and expensive I know, you will be surprised though, being a Japanese restaurant, the price is okay and its worth every penny.

PS: Picture-picture with my fellow Cordillera bloggers and also bloggers from Manila.:)