Mar 10, 2013

proud to belt out nicki's songs

This one is for the boys with the booming systems.
Top down AC with the cooling systems.
When he come up in the club, he be blazin' up.
Got stacks on deck, like he saving up.

i know you are familiar with this song. :)
if you find nicki minaj as kuurnnny, madonna-wanna-be, you are so piman. you can just move on to your blog hop and just skip this post yeah?

so yes, I am a huge minaj fan. i find it relaxing when i sing some of her fast-paced-tongue-twister-ish songs.I googled most of her song lyrics because it's just so hard to follow w/o any kodigo. before, I love belting out adele's songs, chasing pavement was a fave but now, nicki's Roman Reloaded album and The Re-up Single disc is my most played album for a couple of months now (I wish, her next album comes out soon!).

not all of her songs are rap and has unusual interludes. if you listen to her Roman Reloaded album, she has a couple of slow songs like Marilyn Monroe and Young Forever which are a few of my favorite. Right now, I am trying to memorize the lyrics of her song Gun Shots featuring Beenie Man. aside from the catchy tune, the lyrics as usual is fun to follow to.

Try singing with this song, it's fun swear.
Someday, I'ma make a video of me singing nicki's song. Now ain't that gonna be exciting? :P