Mar 11, 2013

isang realistikong saloobin

"Genius without education is like a silver in the mine." - Benjamin Franklin

- this i got from a movie I've watched earlier (Price Check is the title jic you're interested to know).

So I can't have the job that I want because my resume is not impressive. Just seeing the "undergraduate" beside my major, I am sure that the person who sees my resume won't have second thoughts of putting mine on the "least priority"cabinet so, I totally agree with Mr. Franklin.

I was dreaming of working at my very own office (or cubicle), paper works and meeting deadlines and not just assisting someone over the phone. Working at a BPO industry is not something I plan to do for the rest of my life not unless I work behind a desk, you know, doing paper works. Right now, my top priority is to graduate. With all the subjects I still need to finish, that would take 3 semesters. If I graduate, I would also want to work abroad. See, by the time I graduate, my age would not be included anymore on the age limit that most communication companies need. I took up broadcasting btw, working at a tv or radio company was something that I wanted to do but with the high expectations from major or even minor tv companies, my chances are low, way low. When I say expectations, not just refering to the grades but the over all package. Fail appearance ko sa tv, pag sa radio stations naman, tunog maarte at bata ang boses ko kaya "asa". May utak naman ako e, nalihis lang ng landas dahil sa katigasan ng ulo.Anyway, even working abroad, they still require someone who is a graduate whether you apply at a company or kasambahay. The demands are high at this point so might as well do something about getting that diploma.

So yes, mama knows best. Should've have known then what I know now.

- The reason why I still haven't got my diploma yet is just as cliche as the kampanya serye this year and the previous years. Nabarkada or pasaway lang, diba, of no importance na i-kwento ko pa.