Mar 10, 2013

go with the flow kind of gal

I don't consider myself as high maintenance. first of all, I was born with a mom and a dad who taught me how be a "cowboy" wherever whenever. "koboy" in a sense that we should never show kaartehan in life. With whatever we have, even if we don't like it, it's either we take it or leave it. That is how living a simple life should be, wag kang mag inarte (lalo na sa harap ng relatives). Kung anong meron, matuto kang makuntento. Both my parents are not rich kaya naturuan kaming bumagay sa sitwasyon. May mga bagay pa rin naman kaming ayaw, lahat naman ganun.

Took the test from and the result is a I'm a "medium maintenance" meaning kahit "koboy", may class pa din *char*. :)

Eto sabe:

Like everyone else, you have some things you are particular about.
You're not too annoying about it, and you're able to go with the flow most of the time.
You've learned to stand your ground on what matters but also make compromises from time to time.
You have good taste. Too bad not everyone shares it.

Trulaloo yan. Yun na! 
K bye. :D