Mar 2, 2013

alin sa dalawa kaya??

a month ago, when D told me that it's time for us to own a tablet (saying it like having another child), I spent most of my nights checking the specifications, like every night, totally memorized it already.

I am that excited yah know. See, I am a tablet virgin, never owned one. When I was still working, I planned on buying myself a cheap one mainly for ebooks. Kindle fire was I thought something that I could afford during that time, second hand that is but it never happened, bought a tv instead for our room. :) Since D decided to buy a tablet intead of another laptop, I got so excited. Plus, it is a great gift for my daughter for her birthday. Her cousin owns one and she borrows it for a couple of days and when it is time to return it, god, the look on my daughter's eyes. I can't wait to see her ecstatic face when she sees it.

Today, we went to check out the prices. My plan was to stick to the ipad 4, the ipad mini was not that appealing to me until I got a hold of it today. It's a bit bigger than my sister's galaxy S and mas mukang gwapo ;). So when I got home, I once again checked the specs. Kala ko mejo parehas lang ng ipad4 kasi parehas ni-release, it turns out, smaller version lang pala ng ipad2 ang mini. When it comes to portability, ipad mini is better. The thing is, I prefer the one na may 4G para connected kahit walang wi-fi. Our budget fits for the iPad mini which is a lot cheaper with 16gb, wi-fi ang 4g while for ipad 4, we can only have the 16gb and wi-fi. I was also aiming for the 32 gb storage that we can only afford if we buy the smaller one but w/o 4g.

In the end, I still have to choose between the two and I haven't decided yet. I would like the more updated one, meaning I would sacrifice other features like the 4g that I wanted so much ( which makes it hard) *sigh*. It's gonna be my lakay's money and that is his only say, when it comes to specs, he prefers I decide for him.

So which one will it be? am not sure yet, either naman sa dalawa ang piliin ko, masaya pa din, mejo nga lang pag walang 4g hehe. Senxa na ha, ganito lang talaga ang nararamdaman ng isang dukhang katulad ko ang perstym makabili ng pang mayamang gadyet. :D