Feb 27, 2013

silver linings playbook: review

this movie is fresh. worth your movie time.

the only movie that D were able to finish knowing that he takes sleeping pills. yep, hindi siya pinaantok ng movie na to surprisingly. :)

j.law deserved that best actress trophy at the oscars after all. you can just watch the trailer here or read it here because I am not good in giving synopsis, I may end up telling you the whole story.

Pat's dad has ocd in this movie and it makes me smile everytime he does things to keep the bad ju-ju away because that is what I also do, well not the remote but you know tapping things a number of times, or letting something face a certain direction just because, (ocd type).

anyway, i would rate this 10/10 because it's just so effin worth the watch. I have it saved on my hard drive, if you want a copy, pm me. :)