Feb 10, 2013

#CNY 2013

Happy CNY! :)

dragon dance here, snake dance there, tikoy everywhere. later, there would be fireworks, we're lucky if we get a glimpse of it tonight. Baguio people are celabrating it too. haven't had time to watch tv patrol northern luzon so i have no idea on what the list of activities are in store for us taga Baguio. There's definitely a dragon dance and kakanins for sale everywhere. 

for this year, we opted to just stay at home. me and my daughter Julian got sick, colds and flu and by tomorrow, hopefully, we'll be a hundred percent "flu-less". A few coughs here, good thing may ascof lagundi. hopefully for next year, we get to see the dragon dance because I've never seen one except on tv.

for now, I'm okay being cozy at home in my pj's with lakay and daughter.