Feb 27, 2013

silver linings playbook: review

this movie is fresh. worth your movie time.

the only movie that D were able to finish knowing that he takes sleeping pills. yep, hindi siya pinaantok ng movie na to surprisingly. :)

j.law deserved that best actress trophy at the oscars after all. you can just watch the trailer here or read it here because I am not good in giving synopsis, I may end up telling you the whole story.

Pat's dad has ocd in this movie and it makes me smile everytime he does things to keep the bad ju-ju away because that is what I also do, well not the remote but you know tapping things a number of times, or letting something face a certain direction just because, (ocd type).

anyway, i would rate this 10/10 because it's just so effin worth the watch. I have it saved on my hard drive, if you want a copy, pm me. :)

Feb 21, 2013

obviously the next american idol for season 12

angie miller, the next big thing. :)

basing from the reactions of the judges, they got carried away and take note, she wrote this song. am not gonna be surprised if it made it to the billboard or be played on klite over and over again. I therefore predict that she is going to be the next american idol. will be rooting for adriana latonio too but then again, angie impressed me more.

Feb 12, 2013

ang akin lang naman

magre-resign na pala si pope XVI effective Feb.28. big deal sa marame kase year 1415 yung huling may nag resign na pope. ang sa akin lang, matanda na si pope Benedict kaya keri lang. sa sobrang stressful ng mga kaganapan all over the world, ikaka-stress talaga. ako nga na stress si pope pa kaya na malapit na mag 86 years old. madami ng naka pila para sa susunod na magiging head of the Roman Catholic church. eto't naka tuned-in sa cnn, loss of faith chorvs pa pinaguusapan *tsk*.

yung horse meat daw na galing sa Romania. bekeeet?? shortage na ng baka ganyan. 100% beef nakatatak pero may halong horse meat?? lokohan ng bonggabels. mabusisi na ang mga tao ngayon, hindi ganun ka-tanga kumbaga. e pano na yung 100% chemical free na mga benta, dapat na bang bonggang kilatisin?

Si Lolong, longest croc on earth died yesterday. affected nanaman kase longest croc is was found in the Philippines. #RIPLolong - tamang i-autopsy kasi parang biglaan. ang sabe dahil daw hindi maganda yung environment  and such, hindi siya ganung-ganun na maging predator at mag-hunt kase sinusubuan na lang. na depress kase nga naman, nasa guiness ka as the king of kings ng crocs sa sobrang laki tas in real life for spectators lang at naka kulong. hula ko depression yan.

yung sa Grammy Awards, congrats sa Fun. for best new artist. yung lang honestly naalala ko.

salamat sa pagbisita! :) goodnight!

Feb 10, 2013

#CNY 2013

Happy CNY! :)

dragon dance here, snake dance there, tikoy everywhere. later, there would be fireworks, we're lucky if we get a glimpse of it tonight. Baguio people are celabrating it too. haven't had time to watch tv patrol northern luzon so i have no idea on what the list of activities are in store for us taga Baguio. There's definitely a dragon dance and kakanins for sale everywhere. 

for this year, we opted to just stay at home. me and my daughter Julian got sick, colds and flu and by tomorrow, hopefully, we'll be a hundred percent "flu-less". A few coughs here, good thing may ascof lagundi. hopefully for next year, we get to see the dragon dance because I've never seen one except on tv.

for now, I'm okay being cozy at home in my pj's with lakay and daughter.

new year for some, not so for me

kung hei fat choi btw!!!

well t'was quite a long time for zero post from me. considering that fact that I am a full time mom, blogging about parenthood is really not something I'm good at. besides the lack of topic to blog about, my laptop's lcd just got replaced 2 weeks ago.

while thinking about something good to blog about, i am currently switching tabs, google-ing about how to add pinterest on my page and making my blog search-able to google. 

time check: 2:33 am.

i have 2 topics i want to blog about, i just don't know where to start. 
i'll just make this as a test post coz i think my new simple template looks kyot.

okay bye. :)