Dec 20, 2012

what I would want to be

I haven't been totally slacking you know. After being jobless for 3 weeks now, besides enjoying my 10am wake up time and the series marathon that goes on wee hours of the night, I spend some of my days at my in-laws shop.

D's parents are entrepreneurs and ever since mama started her dialysis sessions, D being in Pampanga, the tinderas  are the ones left to manage it which mama was not happy about. D's sister managed it for a more than a month but ended up having lots of debts because she's stupid like that. Mama forbade her to go or else, the business will end up bankrupt. 

Now that I don't have a job, I decided to help out in managing the business.

You see, I never see myself and thought of myself as being an entrepreneur. After 3 weeks of managing the shop, that's when I wanted to be one. Just like that. I can manage my time and be my own boss. Having no diploma didn't give me much choice when it comes to work. I end working as a tutor or at a BPO industry, again. Pays well but I don't want to end up still working as a callcenter agent when I'm like 40. This is also the time when I realized how important having a diploma is. 

Shoulda-woulda-coulda huh, really, mama knows best. :)

I started becoming a human nature dealer a week ago. If you read my previous posts, I do love their products. That's a good start right? Tried and tested by me and at the same time, good practice for my sales talk.;) How's it working so far? Had a few orders, still getting the hang of it.

If  were able to practice and know the ways on how to be a successful entrepreneur, I will move on to my next step which is owning a clothing shop and  a BonAppetea franchise. I might need to work at another call center to earn my pang puhunan but i assure you, that will be my last. It's nice to have plans for a better next year.  Am hoping. Wish me luck! :)