Dec 19, 2012

my life ain't that bad ;)

I am broke and jobless, my laptop needs repair which would cost me more than I can afford of course and D won't be spending the holidays with us.

Loosing my job at this time of year is not how I want my year to end of course. I have anticipated the fact that the job is not for me months before they gave me the thumbs down. Being a reservation-sales agent is not my forte, anything that has to do with quotas, I am below average. But then again, being broke during the holidays sucks big time. :(

My laptop is useless as crap. I had it repaired but gave up on me after a week. LCD needs to be replaced and that would cost me half the price of a new netbook. Since I am now a bum mom, having my laptop repaired is not a top priority. My sister left her iPad hence this post.

As for D not spending the holidays with us this year, not that he wanted it to, it's just that he needs to be on hiatus for so many good reasons. We will be spending it with him on the 23rd  but not sure for Christmas eve. 

There are days when I can say "it sucks to be me" and I indeed feel like the most unlucky person but those are just "some" days. The rest of the year, if I rate it from 1-5, the level will be a 3-ish close to 4.  This year might not have a grand ending for me but it's all good. I still have a lot of things to be grateful about like... well, family and good health (not so cliche if I may say).

Next year, everyone hopes for a better one. I am a bit scared on what 2013 has in store for me at the same time a bit excited because I have plans and hopefully, stars and planets will aline to help me achieve it.