Oct 8, 2012

the "tinky" is ready to retire

this is "tinky", short for tinkerbell. bought this 4 years ago. a week ago, just decided to not work. it still works but too dim to see the desktop. am not sure if it's ready to retire.:( according to the computer technician, they have to ship it to Acer manila for them to verify if the problem is with the screen inverter (backlight) or worse, the lcd. having the lcd replaced costs almost like buying a new netbook. having the inverter replaced is cheaper, around 1-2k. tech said i have to wait 3-4 weeks for them to figure out which one they would replace. thought about it and decided to just have it checked rather than just store it and just let it "rot?". when it comes to gadgets, i consider my tinky as my fanciest gadget. and with that, i am always maingat. since it has been with me for 4 years, i guess that's my tinky's life span. sabe ni manong, nadaganan daw, malamang kase i have a psychotic pet na to the highest level ang insecurity, nanira na lang ng gamit ko, wala na kasi laptop niya kaya gusto nya sirain na din yung akin. wag niyo na tanungin anong meron, masisira lang araw niyo pag kinwento ko pa.:(

before having it repaired, i asked for another opinion from one of my workmate who's expert at computers. he thinks that the problem is with the inverter not the lcd. i am hoping too because if they have to replace the lcd, might as well buy a new one.