Oct 16, 2012

H♥N hair care w/ mangoes on the side

another hhn post i know. :0
what can i say, i'm obsessed with their products. despite having small pimples on the forehead because of the toner (am sure), that doesn't stop me from trying their other products. my 4th batch of orders has been delivered at my work station this morning by ate Pau.

for my 4th batch of orders, i got strengthening shampoo and conditioner, 100% natural moisturizing conditioner (in bigger lush vanilla scent size this time) and 100% natural body butter cream - mango passion. for the body butter, it has that mild scent, a hint of mangoe but some kind of hard to distinguish really. if not for the packaging, wouldn't have guessed that it's yellow mangoes. anyway, it still keeps my skin look and feel hydrated so overall, i like it. for the hair care, i first ordered the 50ml size for the moisturizing conditioner. i don't usually use conditioner but now that i have to maintain my short curls, conditioner is a must. i like how it keeps my locks in place. i recommend this to people with curly hair. as per the comments from other users on the hnn site, it is true that it gives me dandruff. it sticks to the scalp, like everytime i scratch, i get white flakes on my finger nails. eww i know that is why i decided to try the strengthening shampoo and conditioner. if i use it alternately, i am hoping that my dandruff will deminish. another good thing about this is that is that it doesn't give me thay amoy-araw smell. i am excited to try my new hair care products. i am currently checking on their website now to check their new products. :)