Sep 24, 2012

zup jill?

3 months of working and the only thing i've invested for myself is an external hard drive. never even bought a pair of shoes or jeans. in the first place, should've have never even bought that external hard drive if it wasn't sold for 2 gives. the only time i get to own stuff is if it's on sale or paid in installments. i think that i am okay with what i have but when the time comes like say, wearing the same shirt twice in a week (wash and wear) because that is the only decent shirt i have so i wear it again when i'm meeting up with someone and i would want to look kyot, y'know. after that, i plan to buy my own stuff but then when payday comes, after a week, i still wear the same clothes i've been wanting to ditch. am back to the same almost-five-minute-stare i give to my cabinet everytime i head out for work.

after more than a month of not seeing my mom, seeing her again yesterday at my niece's birthday party gave me something less to think about, were good.... i hope.

tomorrow, will be dropping by the surplus store to buy a cheap television set. besides wanting to annoy someone, our room is where i spend most of my 70% time during rest days. 

i want an iPad. would definitely own one if it's paid in installments. hope tigoy changes her mind about selling it for 3 gives.  -kBye-