Sep 21, 2012

things that'll get me through the week

my day off is thursday & friday,(though weekend would be perfect in the real world). i don't mind having these days as my rest day, it's as if i have a grand social life now that i think about it.

though i love like going to work now that i am on the morning shift, i still get those days when i feel soooo demotivated. so, i decided to share a few things that i think will help me get through week 39. Cool

first of is my e-cigarette.
had been nicotine free for almost 2 weeks now. here's why i decided to shift my smoking preference. during the typhoon, a month ago, the terrace door got stuck so i had no choice but to smoke beside the window and throw my cigarette butts in a plastic bag. the realization about my health hit me when i saw the almost full platic bag for during that straight 2 weeks of rain. In a day, i can finish a pack of marlboro black, sometime even a pack and half. scared me, t'was too much. so now, i can say that it was a very good choice to buy me one of this. i chose capuccino and grapefruit flavor. the effect works for me though the "hagod" sa throat that regular smokes does is not there. i still can satisfy my urges to smoke but at least less damage to my now extra-love pair of lungs.

Music: Maroon 5's Overexposed album
i just found out that adam has an oozing sex appeal. discovered that when  i got glued watching #theVoice, such a huuuge fan. my most played song last week was Wipe Your Eyes and will most probably will still be for this week.

HNN natural shampoo: Lush Vanilla Scent
there's nothing like a good shower in the morning especially with this all natural shampoo. bad hair day is equal to bad day and for me, it pisses me off so much as if i have a period. i have uber short hair and it's curly. this all so sweet smelling and natural shampoo makes my curls well uhm, curly and cute, so perfect for my mane.

Payday in 3 days. yay!!!

Life is indeed grand when waking up with a positive attitude. <3>