Sep 24, 2012

zup jill?

3 months of working and the only thing i've invested for myself is an external hard drive. never even bought a pair of shoes or jeans. in the first place, should've have never even bought that external hard drive if it wasn't sold for 2 gives. the only time i get to own stuff is if it's on sale or paid in installments. i think that i am okay with what i have but when the time comes like say, wearing the same shirt twice in a week (wash and wear) because that is the only decent shirt i have so i wear it again when i'm meeting up with someone and i would want to look kyot, y'know. after that, i plan to buy my own stuff but then when payday comes, after a week, i still wear the same clothes i've been wanting to ditch. am back to the same almost-five-minute-stare i give to my cabinet everytime i head out for work.

after more than a month of not seeing my mom, seeing her again yesterday at my niece's birthday party gave me something less to think about, were good.... i hope.

tomorrow, will be dropping by the surplus store to buy a cheap television set. besides wanting to annoy someone, our room is where i spend most of my 70% time during rest days. 

i want an iPad. would definitely own one if it's paid in installments. hope tigoy changes her mind about selling it for 3 gives.  -kBye-

Sep 21, 2012

things that'll get me through the week

my day off is thursday & friday,(though weekend would be perfect in the real world). i don't mind having these days as my rest day, it's as if i have a grand social life now that i think about it.

though i love like going to work now that i am on the morning shift, i still get those days when i feel soooo demotivated. so, i decided to share a few things that i think will help me get through week 39. Cool

first of is my e-cigarette.
had been nicotine free for almost 2 weeks now. here's why i decided to shift my smoking preference. during the typhoon, a month ago, the terrace door got stuck so i had no choice but to smoke beside the window and throw my cigarette butts in a plastic bag. the realization about my health hit me when i saw the almost full platic bag for during that straight 2 weeks of rain. In a day, i can finish a pack of marlboro black, sometime even a pack and half. scared me, t'was too much. so now, i can say that it was a very good choice to buy me one of this. i chose capuccino and grapefruit flavor. the effect works for me though the "hagod" sa throat that regular smokes does is not there. i still can satisfy my urges to smoke but at least less damage to my now extra-love pair of lungs.

Music: Maroon 5's Overexposed album
i just found out that adam has an oozing sex appeal. discovered that when  i got glued watching #theVoice, such a huuuge fan. my most played song last week was Wipe Your Eyes and will most probably will still be for this week.

HNN natural shampoo: Lush Vanilla Scent
there's nothing like a good shower in the morning especially with this all natural shampoo. bad hair day is equal to bad day and for me, it pisses me off so much as if i have a period. i have uber short hair and it's curly. this all so sweet smelling and natural shampoo makes my curls well uhm, curly and cute, so perfect for my mane.

Payday in 3 days. yay!!!

Life is indeed grand when waking up with a positive attitude. <3>

Sep 15, 2012


yes i was born September 3, just turned 26. Photobucket

here are a few favorite-ed astrology for virgos from the most followed astrologer on twitter @XTROLOGY. most, proven to be true.

  • 's are the Ferrari of the zodiac signs, it doesn't get any better than them!
  • Skip the mindless small talk. 's like to get right to the point.
  • Don't negotiate with 's. They are definitely stubborn.
  •  is quick to make breakfast, pay the bills, hold down the home.... but don't cross them, they're quick to tear you down too!
  •  is practically minded and they will rarely allow their hearts to rule their heads.
  •  can very quickly weight information and make Yes or No decisions on it in a blink of an eye while the rest of us mull.
  •  Weakness: Need for perfection gets in the way of enjoyment.
  •  will go out of their way to make you feel special, but they expects the same in return.
  • 's are not pretentious and will always say what they think.
  • Give a  a surprise and you will got their heart.
  • 's can surely can keep their commitments.
  • 's can be emotionally blunt.
  •  hates to be compared to others.
  •  never depends on another.
  • 's are loyal friends.

Sep 4, 2012

2nd HHN haul

got my order last week and I started using some of it. the ones on the upper part are all natural spray sanitizers.  i bought one for me and my daughter. citrus burst was out of stock so i got juicy burst instead. I like the smell so much and it does erase the smell of yosi. the one i bought for pia smells like strawberry flavored medicine, i don't like it that much. it's supposed to make me want to eat my macute everytime she uses it but it does not so the next time, i'ma try the bubbly gum scent. the one next to the sanitizers, 100% natural moisturizing conditiner- lush vanilla: the scent is not what i was expecting, so light and sweet. Am not really a fan of the strong scent of vanilla to the point where it makes me dizzy so the smell is not really a big deal. I just wish that the smell would last long. The effect is okay. I have uber short and curly hair na when I started using it so as long as I know that it's all natural and doesn't give me dandruff, i'ma keep using it. Next one is 100% natural healthy lotion- lush vanilla- again, the smell is okay. i was skeptical at first because my sister uses a vanilla scented lotion which I hate because it's too much, parang amoy ng buong building yung amoy, ang sakit sa ilong at nakakahilo. but since I already have berry bliss, I wanted a lotion that is handy(50 ml) so i chose this instead. I am happy because I did, it has natural vanilla scent, not to overpowering and the same as the berry bliss, I get smooth and soft hands everytime I use it. next, on the bottom left hand corner is the 100% organic shaving oil- i like that it has virgin coconut oil plus eucalyptus though I'd rather use it after shower. I used it before I showered, when I rinsed of, felt the sting which the eucalyptus should be soothing. next to it is the kids all natural shampoo- since this is hiyang for my kid, i ordered one again this time with pineapple pawikan scent. next is Natural Moisturizing Shampoo- the smell is sweet, again not to o.a. for a vanilla scent plus it has that hint of smell tha same as the light scent of the hydrating facial wash I am currently using. on my first hnn haul post, i appreciated the smell so much, I'm glad i smell it everytime i shower in the morning. Last one is the 100% hand and foot salve- i don't like it that much because it's a sticky-feel. i just use it for my heels which is a bit dry. I also ordered the tinted lip balm, same shade (flame tree) because I adore the shaden so much.

There will be alot of these that I will be using again. I might need longer time using some especially the ones I use on my face to make sure hiyang ko. another blog post will be done after a week or 2 maybe about the facial products that I ordered, may ilan akong napapansing difference sa mukha ko pero feeling ko, nag aadjust pa lang siguro. all in all though, I'm still a proud HHN user.Photobucket