Aug 14, 2012

something random

haven't had all our clothes dried yet and here comes another typhoon.
heard the name's helen. the weekend was all sunny, now, it's all foggy again.

there are no week highlights for me. the only thing i'm looking forward to is D's birthday. we're allowed to visit him this coming Thursday, a day before his birthday. i have work but sacrificing one sleepless shift would be worth it.

excited to start the morning shift, well sort of. it still has its downfalls especially the part where i leave the house at 4am. at least i can tuck pia to bed and leaving the house is not that hard since Pia is still sleeping.

i still smoke more than i used to. that's okay for now, at least it keeps me company during those sleepless nights.

i wish my life's social side would increase even for just a few percent like say 5-10%. if that happens, i have more sensible things to blog about.

for now, i'ma go grab a quick breakfast and will CSI myself to sleep.